The Stylish Gentleman's Rainy-Day Kit

The indignities of inclement weather can be conquered with preparation.
IMAGE Paul del Rosario

1. SHOETREE BY CARMINA. Soaked shoes? Wipe off rain with a cloth and draw out water with newspaper. Then, use a shoetree to drink up more moisture and reaff irm the footwear’s shape. P3,500, Signet, Shangri-La at the Fort.

2. TELESCOPIC UMBRELLA BY FOX. Telescopic means you can fold it. Which means you can carry it without fuss. Which also means that this umbrella will be on hand in case of rain. P4,500, Signet, Shangri-La at the Fort.


3. SHOE WAX BY CARMINA. Because wax repels water, the regular application of a wax-based polish on leather footwear is highly recommended. P800, Signet, Shangri-La at the Fort.

4. P9 SMARTPHONE BY HUAWEI. The Leica-engineered camera lens allows you to take almost pro-level photos of, well, the rain.

5. SEAMASTER 300 MASTER CO-AXIAL BY OMEGA. A water resistance of up to 1,000 feet will serve you well while diving in the ocean or traversing a storm.Greenbelt 5.

6. ARAMIS BLACK BY ARAMIS. The berry-like spice of Aramis provides a much needed lift on a gloomy day.

7. MESSENGER BAG BY PRADA. With its large flap and multiple pockets, a messenger bag allows easy access to all the things you need, and in nylon, it holds a degree of protection against water. P69,000, Greenbelt 4.

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