The Ray-Ban update is a swag update

Please take time to read this important piece of news about sunglasses.
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We live in a world where even the smallest things are swayed by the whims of the new season or what fashion-folk refer to as trends. And so, sunglasses, the shields you put over your eyes when you want to appear cooler than you actually are, have taken on new expressions. Here’s how to upgrade your sunglasses—and also your face.

01 — GO FLAT

We used to eschew anything flat: a tire, your hair, the world, that poor cat. But now, in the universe of sunglasses, flat has overtaken the curve. While you will give up a bit of protection where the sunglasses terminate on the sides of your face, the flatness does lend an unmistakable coolness, equal parts futuristic and retro, to whatever hideous thing it’s concealing beneath it. (It’s a fair trade-off, we think.) Ray-Ban’s Flat collection comes in a round lens that’s reminiscent of Lennon and an oval that may just be a little small. Our pick: The new hexagon frames that double down on the novelty by fusing flatness and a smoother aviator-style shape.

02 — DO TWO

Or double-bridge sunglasses. The metal or plastic bridge that sits atop your nose now has a twin, another bridge, which is technically called the top bar. Not only is the configuration a fine adornment, the second bridge provides more support to the sunglasses. The Ray-Ban Gatsby has a thin, highly arched top bar, while the Phantos features a skinny abbreviated one. Our pick: The previous may appear dainty, so try on the Round Outdoorsman, which carries a robust second bridge. Also available in frames.

03 — BE BOLD

Make like an Olsen and wear a pair of face-swallowing sunglasses. These are actually great—and not Olsen-like because you have a normal-sized mug (right?) and the frames are not hilariously big. Bonus: Overlarge sunglasses make your face appear smaller (if you’re in to that). Our pick: Conceal your hangover with the largest frame you can find.




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