6 Mistakes You May Be Making When Wearing a Dress Shirt

From skipping starch shirts to not wearing accessories.

A long-sleeved shirt is one of the best essentials a man could have. It can upgrade a formal suit and also make a casual outfit look more dressed up than it really is. You probably know the different kinds of shirts that you need in your wardrobe, but do you know how to wear one properly?

Here, we list down the most common shirt mistakes you probably don't know you're making. So, read up and leave these bad habits in 2019. From skipping starch to wearing accessories, these are the mistakes you may be making when wearing a dress shirt.

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Foregoing starching your shirts.

Shirts always look good fresh out of the store. Usually, you get it when it's starched to perfection and pressed crisply. With each wash, however, that goes away and you're left with an often dowdy and wrinkly shirt. But, it doesn't have to be that way as long as you starch it every time it's ironed. It's an extra step, sure, but it definitely pays off and makes your shirt look brand new.

Owning a black dress shirt.

The black shirt is definitely up for debate. A few men can effortlessly pull it off, but most of the time, a black shirt makes you look like that creepy guy in the bar. Trust us, it takes a whole lot of work to make it look good. We'd recommend it for an all-black suit, but not on its own.

Buying an ill-fitting shirt.

A ready-to-wear shirt that fits perfectly is impossible to find. But you can make the best of it when you look for these: the right sleeve length and a fit that's not baggy. For the sleeves, the cuffs should ideally end where your wrist ends. And as for bagginess, if you look like you have wings then you've got the wrong size.


Undoing way too many buttons.

One button is just enough to let you breathe. Two buttons are ideal. Anything more than that is just sleazy and brings you back to creepy-guy-at-the-bar.

Letting people know you have an undershirt.

The undershirt is a topic that causes a divide among male fashion enthusiasts. Some wear it and some don't. If you sweat a lot, then, by all means, get an undershirt but don't let it be seen. What you need is an ultra-thin undershirt that doesn't have seams. You can check out Uniqlo's Airism line for that.

Not buying shirt accessories.

Pressing your shirt crisp with starch is useless if you don't have pointy collars. Dress shirts usually have small stitched pockets at the end of its collar for collar stays. The stays keep the collar pointy and straight, making you look more polished. There's also something to be said about cufflinks—having these accessories pulls it all together.

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