40 Highly Covetable Supreme Pieces Are Dropping This Week

Head over to Grailed for the first installment of their Summer Heatwave series.

This week, the team at Grailed—the secondhand retailer specializing in (ahem) grailworthy menswear—is kicking off a new series of sales called the “Summer Heatwave” series. First up: a collection of 40 pieces from Supreme that'll get any fan excited. Like the ongoing Grailed 100, this series of specialized sales (upcoming iterations will focus on things like sneakers and vintage Raf Simons) is all part of the site's effort to bring something special to the fashion fans it serves.

“Our Heatwave campaign is dedicated to our community and showing them just how deep our brand and inventory lists runs,” says Grailed brand director Lawrence Schlossman. “No matter what their style—streetwear, high fashion, or some combo of both—we want everyone to get a grail this summer.” Take an exclusive first look at 15 of the Supreme pieces going up for sale, and then shop everything over at Grailed.  

1| Supreme Bleached Buffalo Flannel, 2013

2| Supreme Budweiser Tank, 2009

3| Supreme Field Pullover, 2012

4| Supreme Hennessy Football Jersey, 2011

5| Supreme Kate Moss Photo T-Shirt, 2012

6| Supreme Kaws Box Logo T-Shirt, 2002

7| Supreme 'Live Along, Die Alone' T-Shirt, 2010

8| Supreme Lockbox, 2017

9| Supreme Marlboro Work Jacket, 2009

10| Supreme Patchwork Hoodie, 2017

11| Supreme Peter Seville 'Blue Monday' Pocket T-Shirt, 2005

12| Supreme 'Power, Corruption, and Lies' Hoodie, 2013

13| Supreme Rimowa Suitcase, 2018

14| Supreme The North Face Corduroy Mountain Shell, 2012

15| Supreme 'Taxi Driver' Reissue T-Shirt, 2014

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