This Hot Wheels Collaboration Takes You Back to Your Childhood

Hot Wheels collaborates with Penshoppe on a limited edition collection.
IMAGE Penshoppe

What was your childhood play style? Did you create a meticulous traffic scenario of die-cast cars, only to have, uh, a dinosaur-alien-monster stomp over all over the highway, which was your living room table?

And then, did a cool team of toy soldiers, plus Mario, plus Grimace, plus a rubber ducky, plus a random horse, which may have been Starlight (how did that get in there?), sweep in to save the day? 

And then, did your young brain full of imagination, which has yet to be unmarred by grownup fears, make you push all the metal cars and crew of toys over the edge so that they crash into a satisfying heap on the carpet? And then, did you ask for milk?

Those happy afternoons sure are precious, and now you can relive the magic of doing nothing as Hot Wheels, the makers of your toy car collection, celebrates its 50th anniversary. They're doing it in grand style by releasing ten special collections, including a black-and-gold set and an originals collection of iconic cars such as the '67 Mustang, '67 Camaro, and '68 Cougar (which one did you have?) that will make you want to look for where you stashed your old toys. 

You can visit their website to see all the anniversary cars or the toy shop (with your son or nephew) to snatch up a few totems of your boyhood. Or you can head over to Filipino retailer Penshoppe, with whom the American company collaborates with for a limited edition capsule collection. 


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The ringer T-shirts, drawstring shorts, track jacket, and track pants are, of course, designed with race cars in mind. A red-striped tee is covered in the iconic flame logo, the shorts have a checkerboard pattern running down their sides, and the track pants feature sport-inspired tape on their legs. 

You may be inclined to wear the set together, but may we suggest using the clothes, most of which are in traffic sign yellow, with more sober clothing. Let these be the highlight piece that will shake up your casual look. 

The Hot Wheels collection is available in stores and on today. Wear it while you play. 


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