Secretly Crank Up The Office Aircon So You Can Wear Uniqlo's New Flight Jacket All Day
Prepare to see this piece everywhere.
IMAGE Uniqlo

Once again, Uniqlo has released outstanding yet affordable articles of outerwear that are bound to land on the backs of every other guy strolling around Power Plant or Greenbelt 5.

The Japanese fast fashion retailer's new Flight Jacket is a sleek, simple rendition of the Vietnam-era MA-2 bomber jacket, complete with a broad collar, ribbed hems, and a zipper tab. On the other hand, the Short Ribbed Blouson is a re-up of their MA-1 bomber jacket, featuring the same classic construction with two front pockets. Both come in a range of solid military colors: navy, olive, and black for the Flight Jacket; and brown, olive, and black for the Short Ribbed Blouson. You can't go wrong with any of them:

It's not surprising that Uniqlo has yet another set of new bangers on their shelves. This is exactly why the brand stays winning here in the Philippines: simple, no-frills wardrobe essentials that are on-trend yet timeless and very easy to wear. And because they're fairly affordable, pieces like these become so ubiquitous that you can't wear them to the mall without encountering someone who has the exact same piece.

So instead, cop this immediately and be the first guy in the office who has one. Deter your co-workers from getting one for themselves by wearing yours all day, and yelling "gaya-gaya puto maya" at anyone who dares wear the same thing, like any mature adult would. And if it ever gets too warm for layers, just secretly crank up the AC and bask in the coziness of your new jacket. Just be ready to clock in some overtime in case anyone calls in sick the following day.

The Uniqlo Flight Jacket retails for P2,490 and the Short Ribbed Blouson retails for P1,990. Both are available in select Uniqlo branches.

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