Watch: Jericho Rosales Kills Time In Clothes Built For Perfect Play

The joys of leisure in the pre-fall 2018 collection of Louis Vuitton.
IMAGE Jansen Romero

What do you do when you have nothing to do? If you ask Jericho Rosales, actor, motorbike enthusiast, and owner of really good hair, you put on a record and dance like no one is watching.  

On one summer morning, the actor goes through the motions of filling a free day. Sometimes frantic, other times at ease, he jumps from one endeavor of leisure to another, all while moving to the beat.  

Watch Jericho here: 


It all looks so easy—and also stylish because he wears the built-for-play clothes of Paris fashion house Louis Vuitton. The pre-fall 2018 collection, says men's artistic director Kim Jones, was inspired by “the city lights of Hong Kong and New York and the big skies of the Himalayas and the Wild West.”  

Details such as an upside down LV logo in acid-trip yellow (the first time the logo is turned on its head), a field of Monogram logos in purple, or an all-over print of playing cards on a short-sleeve shirt echo the take-it-easy sentiment.  

These are perfect for a day of loafing around, doing nothing, but they're also right for big adventures, doing all and everything. As expected of the luxury travel experts, the beautiful clothes can do heavylifting as seen in many layering pieces, including one with a removable Monogram blanket lining. (Take these to the mountains or somewhere very cold.) 

One more detail you'll see everywhere: Vivienne, the anthropomorphic non-human entity, who is the mascot of LV's Gifting Universe. Expect the playful embodiment of the Monogram in shirts, jackets, bags, and other accessories—which, important to note, will be exclusive to a few countries, including the Philippines.  

Want a piece of the collection? The pop-up opens today, May 4, at the Louis Vuitton shop in Greenbelt. See you there.

Directed by Mariel Cruz • Produced by Pong Olanday • Edited by Jasrelle Serrano • Grooming by Sunshine Flores • Shot on location at Talas Manileño


The men's pre-fall 2018 collection is available at Louis Vuitton, Greenbelt 4.

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