Omega x Swatch Is the Collaboration You've Been Waiting For

Omega x Swatch on a joint mission wins big in the Space Race.

One of the biggest news in horology this summer is the recently announced collaboration of Omega and Swatch to create the Bioceramic MoonSwatch. Whenever Swatch makes a move, the whole Swiss watch industry pauses and listens. Swatch was credited for almost single-handedly saving the Swiss watch industry in the late 1980s by introducing very affordable Swiss-made timepieces and practically revived a proud and status-conscious industry.  Omega, on the other hand, is best known for two things: the iconic Speedmaster “Moonwatch” and for the watches worn by superspy James Bond.

Photo by Swatch.

Photo by Swatch.

The Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch represents a playful take on Omega’s iconic Speedmaster chronograph. Although Omega is a company owned by the Swatch Group, the largest manufacturer and distributor of watches and jewelry in the world, this design partnership is a first for both brands, and can be akin to a luxury fashion label collaborating with a street brand to create an innovative, premium, and sought-after product. Omega says that the “joint mission” is both a fun undertaking and a respectful nod to the plucky company that risked it all to kick-start the ailing Swiss watch industry during the quartz revolution.

Photo by Swatch.

For Omega president and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, the new collection is a source of pride. “Omega’s long and distinguished history may have been cut short if it wasn’t for the vision and the courage taken by Swatch,” he says. “The MoonSwatch collection salutes the saviors of our industry in a witty and accessible way. The Swatches are perfect for budding Moonwatch fans and I can’t think of a more appropriate icon for our shared project. We went to the moon, now we’re exploring the whole Milky Way. They’re great watches, in fantastic colors and they make me smile.”

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There are 11 models with their own distinctive colorways that drew their design inspiration from space. Swatch named these 11 models after planetary bodies, from the Sun, our giant star at the center of the solar system, to the dwarf planet Pluto at its periphery.

Photo by Swatch.

All of the MoonSwatch models are encased in Bioceramic, which is a unique mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil. The colorways were mostly derived from several Speedmaster models and variants, except for the pink and pale blue colors which are not your standard Speedmaster watches. But key design elements of the Moonwatch are all there, including the asymmetrical case, the famous tachymeter scale with a dot over ninety and the distinctive Speedmaster style subdials, which all work perfectly in harmony.

There’s no denying the two brands did a fantastic job in curating and designing the collection, which, needless to say, is out of this world. Each MoonSwatch has its own mission statement, with inspirational engravings and joint Omega X Swatch logos on the dial and crown. The battery cover on each watch features a depiction of its planet each model represents. Holding the watch together is a spacesuit-ready Velcro strap which adds a final touch of astronaut vibe to this delightful timepiece collection.


The MoonSwatches will only be available in selected Swatch stores starting March 26, 2022. However, Swatch made an announcement through its Instagram page:“Due to the unexpected and phenomenal demand, we are obliged to update the purchase limit to one watch per person until further notice. We will revert back to two watches per person as soon as possible. The watches are not limited and will be available in selected Swatch Stores, with more opportunities to purchase in the coming weeks.”

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Unfortunately, the Philippine market will have to wait much longer, since the the country isn’t included in the list of Swatch stores for the March 26 release.


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