The Best Tip For Dressing A Big And Brawny Body

Zach Miko wants you to do big things.

Zack Miko is one of the most prominent voices in the brawn movement. That men of certain size should be able to feel good in clothes that fit well is one of the platforms he heralds as the first brawn model of IMG Models, an Internet phenomenon with 81K followers, and the host of Big Things With Zach Miko, a podcast that highlights body positivity.

In Manila, six-foot-six-inch Miko is also the face (and body) of SM Men Plus. The clothing line for plus-sized men features inclusive sizing that runs from 1XL to 5XL and carries a range of styles that ensure all men have access to clothing that look good no matter their size.

Below, more of Miko and his positive outlook on being big. 

Do big things


“The whole point of [the podcast] is to highlight people who are not just doing big things in their industry, but big things in their career, their community, and the world—making the world a better place. We highlight body positivity, just because that’s the world I come from. I interview models, photographers, actors, actresses, designers, voiceover artists, and comedians. It’s a little it of everybody. It’s a lot of fun.” 

Your body is valid 

“Who you are right now in this moment is valid, beautiful, and wonderful. So many people spend their whole lives waiting to be happy, waiting until they lose a certain amount of weight... The whole idea of body positivity is learning to love the body you have right now. It doesn’t mean you’re not on a journey, and it doesn’t mean if you want to lose weight, you can’t lose weight at all. It just means your body is doing a lot of amazing things for you. It takes you everywhere in this world, and it’s worth celebrating, in any size and any shape.” 

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Embrace your real size

“The most important thing, especially for big guys, is to know your true size. Don’t worry about not fitting a certain size. I spent a lot of time wearing clothes that didn’t look good on me and didn't fit me, because they were a smaller size. And once I embraced the fact that I am bigger and I needed a larger size, everything looked better. I felt better. That’s the biggest thing. A lot of big guys don’t wear their real size. They’ll wear something way too small, which actually makes you look bigger.”

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