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Japan took to its traditional garment for this movement for world peace.
The kimono, Japan’s traditional garment, is a well-known symbol of the country. The carefully crafted article of clothing has spanned centuries and carries a huge cultural importance, especially when it comes to nationhood and unity. While it may not be something anyone would ...
M Gallery unveils previously hidden Mabini Art masterpieces. 
When Mabini Art gained popularity in postwar Philippines, it was generally looked down upon by members of high society, who used the name as a derogatory term for what they considered low-class art. The name had nothing to do with Apolinario Mabini, ...
Part of the proceeds will go to charity group Helping Women and Others.
Leon Gallery is opening summer 2020 with one of its biggest online auctions yet. This year, its Summer Auction will feature works of National Artists Jose Joya, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, HR Ocampo, and Fernando Amorsolo, contemporary artists Elmer Borlongan and Mia Herbosa, ...
Would you buy a BenCab if you didn't know it was a BenCab?
As this year’s edition of Art in the Park drew to a close last night, Gigo Alampay, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development (CANVAS), made a stunning announcement on his Facebook and Instagram ...
For all the destruction that art was able to endure over centuries, some pieces faced their greatest danger in efforts meant to preserve them.
Art restoration as a practice has been around for about as long as the concept of art itself. The desire to “touch up” a work that has lost its original splendor is a natural instinct. In the cases of the eight pieces ...
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