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Easy money.
That headline might seem like spam, or worse, a YouTube title, but it’s actually the law.The taxable income of social media “influencers” has been all over the news lately after the Bureau of Internal Revenue issued a circular meant to remind influencers ...
No need to worry.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 97-2021 earlier this month. The circular essentially clarifies the income generated by so-called social media influencers, or those who are earning by producing content through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, ...
So is it taxable or not?
The Bureau of Internal Revenue has finally set the record straight regarding the taxability of Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz’ winnings.As of July 29, Diaz’s cash prizes are nearing P40 million, with sizeable sums coming from the Philippine Sports Commission, MVP Sports ...
In case you ever need to lend some graphic design services to a legitimate government effort.
Last week, a poster for the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s 2017 Tax Campaign entitled “Tunay Na Pagbabago Para Sa Bayan” was brought to light when—as all outrageous things these days do—it made rounds on social media. More specifically, people called attention to ...
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