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Everyone on the show said the crypts were safe, so we can be pretty sure something terrible will happen in them.
Maybe you've heard, but the sexy and violent fantasy series you love so much is soon approaching its end. While we still have five weeks left to tune into HBO's Game of Thrones, quite possibly the last massively successful TV series of ...
Jon Snow doesn't look too chuffed, does he?
Game of Thrones fans have put up with a lot of talking and hugging and scheming so far this season, but now they want blood. It looks like episode three will truly deliver on that front.The dreaded Battle of Winterfell is imminent, and ...
No one saw 'Mortal Kombat' kicking ass for this long. Not even its creator, Ed Boon.
Mortal Kombat has been a household name for my entire life. Erupting onto the scene back in 1992, few video game franchises have stayed relevant for so many years. With the blazing hot Mortal Kombat 11 topping the charts this week, there ...
He and camera operator Sean Savage lifted it from an episode of Family Guy.
To hear Kit Harington tell it, one reason for Game of Thrones’ longevity is its… longevity. He doesn’t mean that tautologically. Rather, it’s the fact that over the near ten years the show was in production, cast and crew got to know ...
Remember this ride?
Some cinematic cars stick with you long after the credits have rolled. Sometimes, it’s because they’re one-of-a-kind like the DeLorean. Other times, it’s because the car is involved in a cool scene, like the Ford Mustang in Bullitt. Then there are the ...
"Stan" is now an official noun and verb. Now onto mom's spaghetti.
Every so often, a piece of culture gains so much traction that it becomes bigger than its origin. Today, Eminem's song "Stan" joins those ranks. The word "stan" officially entered Merriam-Webster’s dictionary catalog as both a noun and a verb. The term ...
From 'Iron Man' right through to 'Captain Marvel'.
Why Marvel bosses would choose to lure you onto Twitter, a place that now solely exists to ruin Avengers: Endgame, is truly beyond us. The official account just posted every major post-credits sequence in MCU history, pulling you back into that pit ...
The second episode of Season Eight foreshadows how deeply screwed our heroes are.
Before we get into how deeply fucked everyone in Winterfell is, I want to talk about dear sweet, big-dicked Pod. His has been one of the few truly good storylines in this show full of horrible, evil, selfish people. And in Game ...
She tried to get showrunners to change their minds but eventually gave up.
That acid response from Cersei Lannister to grotty pirate Euron Greyjoy's overtures that did the rounds after Game of Thrones' season eight opener - "You want a whore? Buy one. You want a queen? Earn her" - sounded good, but you've got ...
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