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Choose to attend virtually or in person.
Travel is slowly opening up but it might still be a while before you hop on to the next plane to Europe. If you can’t go on a cheese and wine tour in the French countryside just yet, here’s the next best ...
History teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded after discussing caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad with his class.
France's prime minister joined demonstrators on Sunday who rallied together across the country in tribute to a history teacher who was beheaded near Paris after discussing caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad with his class.Samuel Paty was beheaded on Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine by ...
Which priceless antiques and religious relics were safe from the fire?
The art inside Notre Dame Cathedral has seen better days in its 856-year history, but it’s also seen worse. Though the fire that broke out in the evening of April 15, 2019 did considerable damage to the structure itself, Paris Mayor Anne ...
It's not the first time it was heavily damaged.
On April 15, a fire broke out and engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. As one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the cathedral is beloved by many as a symbol of Catholicism. Notre Dame de Paris means Our ...
It's the best way to see Paris and Alsace through a wine-focused lens.
Taking a vacation is something that always elicits excitement. Planning it, however, is another story. If you want to experience a country and combine it with your passion, Heart of Alsace is an ideal way to do so. One of Europe's best ...
Alex Eala’s win marks the first time a wildcard has ever won the title.
Tennis prodigy Alex Eala earned the Les Petit U-14 crown in Tarbes, France last week, strengthening her claim as one to watch in the tennis world.During the final leg of the international competition, in the division solely for girls the age of ...
Can’t decide where to go for the holidays? Let this be your guide.
If you haven’t booked that ticket or decided on a place to escape for the holidays yet, here's our list to guide you in choosing where to spend the long Christmas break. We’ve scoured through countless travel guides, our notes from our ...
If you relish the idea of living and speaking like a local in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, or Japan, then Eurocentres is the perfect language school for you.
Studying with Eurocentres is like the ultimate vacation—instead of being an ordinary tourist, you get to completely immerse yourself in the culture you’re visiting. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language, this is the most fun and effective way to ...
She definitely did not let them eat cake.
Marie Antoinette is perhaps the most famous queen in French history, known for her extravagant lifestyle and even more enviable wardrobe. But despite being soft-hearted and compassionate, she was loathed by French people of all social classes. Here are some reasons why, ...
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