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The man of steel was almost cast as 007 ahead of Daniel Craig. Might he be the man to take Bond in a super new direction?
Some of the suspects named in the press in 1994 as possibilities for the fifth James Bond were more usual than others: Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes (now M, of course), Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, Sharon Stone.Unmoved ...
After the success of Bridgerton, there are some exciting 007 rumors afoot.
Whenever a young and attractive British actor reaches a certain level of international mainstream appeal, they earn the status of being rumored to be the next James Bond. By virtue of being young, attractive, famous, and British, the narrative of their career will ...
The Scottish superstar was a force of nature on and offscreen.
Barely two months after celebrating his 90th birthday, Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery passed away peacefully while sleeping in his home in the Bahamas ALSO READ: HOLLYWOODWATCH: Drew Barrymore Cooks Risotto With Filipino Chef Pilar ValdesHollywood Museum to Celebrate 'Fantastical' Animator Hayao MiyazakiConnery’s career ...
Thirty-seven years ago, Octopussy and Never Say Never Again were in the theaters at once. Only one can be considered the winner.
Growing up, Roger Moore was my James Bond. My older brother Keith, on the other hand, was ride-or-die for Sean Connery. It’s amazing what an age difference of three years could make back in the early ‘80s. To both of us, the ...
Flipping Range Rovers! A submarine glider! A roll-out tux!
The new trailer for the next James Bond film, No Time To Die, is here, and it's stuffed with moments that have not previously appeared in any of the previous promo footage. We've collected them all here for you. You're very welcome.It'd be quite ...
It may be his final hit, but the new poster for No Time To Die proves that Craig's 007 is as familiar as ever.
"Because I think you're a... dinosaur," Judi Dench's acerbic M spat in 1995's GoldenEye, another episode of the good dame giving 007 bad marks. "A relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appealed to that young woman ...
Omega's creations deserve space on your wrist.
Whether you’re serious about collecting watches or starting your journey into timepieces, you’ve most certainly come across watches by Omega. Maybe you’re eyeing the wrist candy of your granddaddy? Or maybe you’re drooling over the newest version of the watch that an ...
The return of the Top Time (Geiger counter not included).
Breitling has had a stellar run over the last few years. It has reinvented its core collections, transformed its shops into loft-style showrooms and cherry-picked classic pieces from its back catalog, reissuing them in fastidious detail. In 2020 it has already released ...
The experts weigh in on James Bond's very un-James Bond cut.
Daniel Craig stands apart, and not just because his Bond is more rugged, and more troubled, and seems to be haunted by the fact he's essentially a war criminal. He has a modicum of a conscience, is what we're saying. Which is ...
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