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The first happened during World War 2.
Martial law—or a state where a particular area (or the whole country) is under the control of the military or armed forces—is most often associated with former President Ferdinand Marcos. But not many people know the late strongman was not the first ...
A quick look at the impact of authoritarian rule on infrastructure, debt, GDP, inflation and the stock market.
To family and supporters of the former President Ferdinand Marcos, his declaration of martial law on September 23, 1972 (though he antedated the official document to September 21) remains a watershed event that ushered in what some of them consider to be ...
The first three months of 1970 were a time of intense unrest and upheaval that shook the country to its very core and changed its destiny for better or worse.
It has been said that there are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. For the Philippines, January to March 1970, the First Quarter Storm, was the latter.Those who were there when it happened can attest to how ...
The course rationale presents a thorough deconstruction of the darkest days of Philippine democracy.
Mahalaga at napapanahon ang kursong pang-GE na magpapamalay sa kabataan sa kasamaan ng Batas Militar o ang paghaharing nakabatay sa dahas at pananakot, at ng diktadura, o ang paghaharing hindi nahahahanggahan ng batas.(Roughly, “The GE course that will educate the youth on ...
Bits of trivia surrounding the original EDSA Revolution.
When Ferdinand Marcos placed the entire country under Martial Law, he went to great lengths to celebrate it as the start of "The New Society." As far as descriptions go, it’s right on the money. He didn’t say better, or even simply ...
Economic volatility generally eased after 1986.
Thirty-three years have already passed since the Filipino people gathered together for the monumental overthrowing of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.As we celebrate the anniversary of the restoration of the country’s civil liberties and democracy, here’s a look at how the popular ...
The infamous Malakas at Maganda painting featuring the Marcoses was the centerpiece of their propaganda.
When the Soviet Union fell, citizens of Moscow toppled a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB. After Saddam Hussein was killed, a bronze statue of the dictator in Baghdad was dismantled by an angry mob. In 1776, the year the ...
At face value, this free bread had good intentions.
The Nutribun of the 1970s was a bread borne out of good intentions. Nutribun was designed as a convenient “ready-to-eat complete meal” for public elementary school feeding programs to combat child malnutrition in the Philippines. Schools in economically depressed areas where children ...
According to the president's General Order No. 4, it is now illegal to be outside your home between 12mn and 4am.
The president has signed General Order No. 4, making it a jailable offense to be outside of your home after midnight.Citing "terroristic activities, assassination of innocent citizens and leaders of our society, arsons and deliberate destructions of public and private property...lootings and ...
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