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A lot of parents had to be more creative and resourceful during this pandemic.
When you put together an old water tank and a bodega what do you get? Dad and real estate owner Ronald “Tonton” Tan said you get a tiny house.“‘Yung Tank House talaga is a story to tell,” he said in a Summit ...
Mobile Legends inspired him to write the song.
“Laro lang ako nang laro ng Mobile Legends, hindi ko naisip na, ‘Ba’t ‘di kaya ako gumawa ng kanta tungkol dito?’” Sponge Cola vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon told Summit OG in an exclusive interview. (I always play Mobile Legends and I ...
You’ve probably sung this a million times at karaoke bars. Here’s the backstory.
When you can’t get what you want and you can’t be with who you want to be with, what do you do? For Stonefree’s vocalist Miro Valera, you write about it and you turn it into a song. The band’s hit song Anghel ...
He likes long walks on the beach and quick trips to the market.
Pets are a great source of joy. Not only are they loyal companions, they also help ease stress and feelings of loneliness and isolation. But it’s not always happy times, funny animal videos, and Instagrammable moments. Being a pet owner is a huge ...
Looking for fresh air and good coffee?
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, no one thought it would last as long as it did. Almost two years in and it doesn’t seem like the virus would be going away any time soon.The uncertainty of it all has led a lot ...
'It was one of the most challenging but amazing journeys I’ve worked though, and I hope it can be heard in the music.'
Singer-songwriter Jamie Miller gets personal on his new single “Here’s Your Perfect” – available now via Atlantic Records and Geaux Uptown Records alongside an Andrew Sandler-directed (Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud) video. Co-penned by Miller with Gian Stone (Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber), Bendik Møller & Salem Ilese (“Mad at Disney”), the resilient ballad took off to the tune of 2.5 million views after being previewed via TikTok. “I was in a ...
'It made the band. It also broke us.'
Where do we even start with Orange & Lemons and “Pinoy Ako?” It was one of the biggest OPM songs of the 2000s, attached to one of the most popular shows on primetime TV. For months after its release, you could barely turn a radio on without the song ...
'The island gives you peace enough to bring out the best in you.'
“Siargao allows you to be at peace,” says Dr. TJ Manalang, a municipal health officer in General Luna, Siargao. “You are at peace whatever happens to you the entire day,” he added.  It’s not very easy to find peace these days, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with all ...
How a chord progression and relationship problems led to the song.
What do you get when you combine a chord progression with relationship problems? A hit song, of course. That’s exactly what happened with Mayonnaise and 'Tayo Na Lang Dalawa.'Songwriter and frontman Monty Macalino walks us through the inspiration behind the track, which came soon after their monster hit 'Jopay.' By then the band had ...
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