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Guess you can say picture-perfect.
Throughout history, artists have been inspired by other artists. It doesn't matter what medium or form it takes, art is always (well, most of the time) referential—and that includes film, too. To prove our point, we've rounded up some of the greatest films that ...
He based the paintings from photographs he took of the eruption.
Michael Sagaran was at work at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City when plumes of smoke started spewing out of Taal Volcano on January 12. The hotel is situated right on the ridge and has a direct view of the volcano and ...
The painting had spent the last 126 years in the home of a private collector in Europe.
UPDATE (9/21/19): La Pintura, En la soledad del bosque by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo went under the hammer today and was sold for a record-breaking price of P78,256,000, a big leap from its original starting price of P18,000,000.ORIGINAL: The 1893 Exposicion Historico-Natural y ...
The events and feelings that inspired these paintings are quite interesting.
Artistic inspiration is, for the most part, a fickle thing. Between fixation on a muse and random bursts of creativity, there’s no real way to predict when or how inspiration will strike.The randomness of it all has led to quite the number ...
Throughout his life, Amorsolo’s sketches and studies are estimated to number over 10,000 pieces.
Fernando Amorsolo, the first National Artist of the Philippines for painting, grew up during a time of transition for the country. Amorsolo and his mother moved to Manila and lived with his uncle, Fabian de la Rosa, a painter. Under his uncle’s ...
"Under the Influence" by Dom Laroza will be on display at Provenance Art Gallery until July 1.
Provenance Art Gallery, located at Shangri-La Hotel, the Fort, recently unveiled its latest exhibition, “Under the Influence.” Alongside Laroza’s exhibit, the gallery also showcases that of fellow local artist Edu Perreras, entitled “Iconic Irreverence.” A post shared by PROVENANCE ART GALLERY (@provenanceartgallery) on Jun 8, ...
The sale by León Gallery benefited the Asian Cultural Council Philippines Foundation, Inc.
On a historic afternoon at León Gallery, Space Transfiguration, Philippine National Artist José T. Joya’s most celebrated work was sold for P96 million or P112 million (including buyer’s premium). The sale sets the record for highest price ever paid for art at ...
Take a look at some of the fair's most sought after artworks.
The formal opening of Art Fair Philippines proved to be a raging success, mostly due to the impressive turnout of attendees and the many pieces that were quickly snapped up by the country’s top collectors. Here, we list down some of the most ...
Ambitiously, the three-day exhibit takes up the whole Open Space events venue.
With his first solo exhibit, “Fur On Fire and the Children of the Corn,”23-year-old Enrique “Enzo” Santos Razon hopes to establish his presence inthe booming Philippine art scene. A three-day pop-up at the Open SpaceManila gallery in Makati, the show is a ...
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