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"It brings me joy to carry the country's flag, to have it on my car."
It was an important day for GP3s, a single-seater motor racing series. For the first time since GP3's inception in 2010, it was holding a race at the Circuit de Monaco, arguaby the most famous track in Formula One—a dream experience for ...
Pia Wurtzbach doesn't have the crown anymore, but she knows how to follow through
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is a woman of her word. It was on a Las Vegas stage where Pia first said that if she were to win the crown, she would “use her voice to influence the youth and raise ...
The human propensity to worship the beautiful, to seek out the divine in physical beauty, continues to haunt us.
At the trial of Phryne in 350 BC, the courtesan, who was acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful women in Athens, had been accused of defaming the gods and was losing the case, and was about to be sentenced to ...
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach shows us just how much work goes into being the most universally beautiful woman in the world, and how much of it is purely her.
There is not much to look at in a nearly empty, cavernous hotel ballroom: The skeletons of tables and chairs and pedestals and parties-past tucked against one wall, the pattern of the carpet careful not to off end, the heavy chandeliers alit ...
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