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It’s called Torre Emperador.
Torre Espacio, a building located in Madrid, was the tallest structure in Spain when it was completed in 2007. Rising to a height of 230 meters, it’s about as tall as the Grand Riviera Suites in Manila and the new Royalton at ...
The fast-food chain is leveling up its international branches.
Jollibee’s been making sure to redesign its international branches in hopes of attracting more locals, but the homegrown restaurant group is pulling out all the stops for its first restaurant in Spain, which might just be its most aesthetic store to date. Decked ...
Its design is so complicated it’s been under construction for over a century.
The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s most visited site, draws over two million people every year. Over a century of construction has allowed its present-day builders to marry the Roman Catholic church’s late gothic designs with modern technology, allowing for unprecedented ...
Tan was recognized for his "many entrepreneurial activities and initiatives."
Alliance Global Group’s Dr. Andrew L. Tan has been awarded Spain’s highest civil honor, the Order of Civil, through the Spanish Embassy.The decoration was awarded by Spanish Ambassador Luis Calvo who recognized Tan’s “many entrepreneurial activities and initiatives.”  He said, “Mr. Tan ...
Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart was said to have descended from Mary, Queen of Scots and Winston Churchill, with some relation to our own Zobel de Ayalas.
One might have easily defined the illustrious life of the Duchess of Alba de Tormes by the number of titles she had—over 57 titles and a Guinness World Record to match. At the same time, she was unlike any other aristocrat of ...
Though Joanna of Castile was given the moniker “Juana la Loca,” she contributed to the establishment of Spain.
Out of the many mad monarchs in history, Joanna of Castile’s story remains the most tragic. Born in the city of Toledo, Joanna the Mad was the third child of Ferdinand II of Aragon of the Royal House of Trastámara and Isabella ...
The 1,000-year-old pilgrimage–on Spain's oldest trail–draws thousands of people annually to the cathedral where the remains of St. James the Apostle are buried.
For centuries, countless pilgrims from different backgrounds, countries, and spiritual beliefs have come together on an 800-kilometer trek through Europe. The Camino de Santiago—“The Way of St. James”—is a large network of ancient routes that lead to the tomb of St. James ...
Despite my above average hangover and some minor congestion, the sight of the Alhambra, Granada’s historic Moorish fortress and its most emblematic landmark, was no less majestic.
After checking in the previous afternoon, we started with beers. Our hotel was a modest but cozy one-star complete with erratic wifi (pronounced in Spain ‘wee-fee’), a creaky, carpeted stairwell, and pillows like sandbags. Still, it was centrally located, and after a ...
According to all those vigilant reviewers on Trip Advisor
If you're looking for somewhere to go on holiday and you put a lot of stock by the opinion of people who love nothing more than following up a meal, hotel stay or museum visit with a TripAdvisor review then listen up, ...
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