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In its reimagining of Isaac Asimov's seminal science fiction novel, Apple TV+ is remixing familiar characters to bring everyone along for the ride
When the brain trust at Apple TV+ set out to adapt Isaac Asimov’s Foundation for the small screen, they had their work cut out for them. Foundation is a beloved masterpiece by a science fiction titan; in 1966, the Foundation series, then just a trilogy, beat out The Lord ...
If you know what Takeshi’s Castle is, you need to face the reality that you’re a person of a certain age. The original Japanese game show first aired between 1986 and 1990 and has since become a global phenomenon. Even now, decades ...
Lea's off again to Hollywood.
Lea Salonga has been cast as a series regular in the reboot of the drama series Pretty Little Liars. She will play a character named Elodie, the mother of Minnie, played by Malia Pyles. Also cast in the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ...
The documentary will premiere the day before Spears is set to appear in court to discuss the dissolution of her conservatorship.
The saga of Britney Spears's conservatorship has gone on for nearly a decade, evolving from tabloid fodder to a troubling court case that could change the state of conservatorships as we know them. On September 29, Spears will have her most important day ...
The new animated series manages to empower the things I've learned to curb within myself.
I don't know how else to say it—I had gay voice growing up. Still kind of have gay voice. It’s not a pejorative, so much as it’s a fact. Growing up, there were gay kids who could duck and cover when it ...
In true drag fashion, expect shade.
The tea was served in a swarm of tweets when Manila Luzon, who participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race, recently announced the arrival of the first-ever drag reality series in the country. The casting call for Drag Den Philippines was posted on Manila Luzon’s Twitter ...
The sidequel presents the Korean emotion of han, a collective feeling of anguish.  
Jun Ji-hyun makes for an unlikely villain. But make no mistake, the superstar stunner has come a long way from My Sassy Girl and breathes cold, vengeful life into Ashin, the mysterious figure encountered by Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-Hoon) and Seo-bi (Bae Doona) at the ...
The My Amanda actor and producer insists that platonic relationships between men and women are possible.
With My Amanda topping Netflix’s trending shows on its first week, Piolo Pascual must be feeling pretty good. Pascual, whose Spring Films co-produced the film with Alessandra de Rossi’s A World of Our Own, received the project as a gift from his co-star. “It ...
Following the 1994 cult classic starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Anne Rice's novel is getting a second shot on screen, with a Game of Thrones and Mad Men alum attached to direct.
Just when you thought the vampire craze was on its way out, with Twilight and True Blood and The Vampire Diaries but a distant memory, the vampires are rising again. It’s kind of what the undead do, right? Everyone’s favorite bloodsuckers are set for a comeback in Interview With ...
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