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The rock band finally made their Philippine debut. Was it worth the hype?
The big question after U2’s Philippine concert debut at the Philippine Arena Wednesday night is: was it worth it?We’re not just talking about the ticket price, which wasn’t exactly cheap, but not completely unreasonable either, given the name on the marquee. It’s ...
While performing "Ultra Violet" at its concert last night, U2 honored accomplished women throughout history who are slowly closing the gender inequality gap.
U2 held its very first concert in the Philippines last night, and some 45,000 to 50,000 of their biggest fans flocked to the Philippine Arena to watch the Irish rock band perform their biggest hits live. It was a momentous occasion made ...
He's been making the rounds of some of the city's favorite restaurants.
Last night, December 9, Bono and the rest of U2 were spotted at the Margarita Forés-helmed Grace Park having dinner with a few friends. The award-winning chef took to Instagram to detail what the rockstar ate: Negros lechon, adobo, and diwal. Grace Park is Forés' farm-to-table restaurant ...
It will be the largest drone delivery system in the Asia Pacific region.
The Philippine Red Cross (PRC), Zipline, and legendary rock icon and U2 frontman Bono just announced plans for the largest drone delivery operation in Asia Pacific. Bono is a board member of Zipline, a company that focuses on utilizing drones to deliver ...
We wonder what they ordered.
It’s really happening.The members of U2 are finally in Manila for their one-night-only show. At least two members of the band, lead singer Bono and guitarist The Edge (real name: David Evans), were spotted having dinner at Margarita Fores’ restaurant Grace Park ...
The Singapore show proved the band is far from just being a nostalgia act.
On the day of the U2 show in Singapore, I was coming off of an epic and sleepless transcontinental sojourn. I spent 12–and-half hours on a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai, nearly six hours layover there, a three-and-half hour flight from ...
Only U2 can out-U2 itself.
More than four decades ago four high school kids from Dublin started a band that would become one of the biggest rock groups in the world. In 2019, U2 can still be listed alongside the likes of the Rolling Stones as one of the ...
The Irish superstars are making Manila a stop in their current Joshua Tree tour.
They’ve been around for over 40 years and have sold out countless arenas and stadiums worldwide, but they’ve never played in the Philippines. Until now. U2, the Irish music superstars responsible for some of the 20th century’s biggest pop-rock hits, is coming to ...
It’s part of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour.
No, U2 isn't quite making its way to the Philippines—yet. But here’s the next best thing.The legendary Irish rockers have announced Asia and Oceania tour dates in support of the 30th anniversary of their seminal album The Joshua Tree, and if you’re hardcore ...
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