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The vinyl revolution is upon us.
Here’s something music lovers would find interesting: despite digital connectivity with our everyday gadgets and telco services, the crusty old vinyl record is making one of the most surprising comebacks in this age of digital music streaming. Vinyl LP sales surged over ...
The perfect gift for OPM music fans.
If you’ve ever listened to cassette tapes, CDs or vinyl records back in the day or recently, then you'll agree that it's quite a special experience. There’s nothing quite like settling in to absorb an entire album from start to finish while leafing ...
Looking for a vinyl record? They’ll hook you up.
In the live recording of a Pearl Jam concert in Los Angeles in 2013, you can hear frontman Eddie Vedder call somebody in the audience and bring him onstage. That somebody is Filipino superfan Robert Tuazon, who flew out to the U.S. ...
Only 100 sets were produced by British brand Rega Research.
Analog items, including vinyl records and film cameras, have been experiencing a renaissance in recent years. There’s just something irreplaceable about putting on a vinyl record and the delayed gratification of developed film (no matter how the photos turn out to be).Affirming this ...
Founding members Melody del Mundo and Czandro Pollack answer questions about the record and the band's status.
When its album Closure was released in 2017, we thought we’d seen the last of ‘90s Pinoy dream pop band Sugar Hiccup. Closure was, in a manner of speaking, the band’s swan song; an album containing material from decades ago but never ...
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