10 Clothing Items That Instantly Make You Look Older

Sometimes, agelessness is a matter of dressing.
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As you age, your style should evolve along with you. After all, the last thing you want is to look older than you are. Apart from harsh makeup and overstyled hair, these are the fashion items that can add years to your look.


Shift dresses are comfortable as they are stylish. You can easily dress it up with a simple change of accessories. When it's knee-length, however, the loose-fitting style can make you look older depending on how you style it. And worse, if you’re petite, this type of dress will make you look shorter than you are.


The key to jeans is finding the right rise, color, and fit. Start with a slim, blue or dark wash pair with little to no details and build a collection from there. It’s important to make sure the cut suits you because when it’s too loose or too tight it can age you. Lastly, toss those bootcut jeans (or at least shove them at the back of your closet for now).


To reduce costing, several fast fashion retailers use stretch jersey for their designs (often tops, blouses, and dresses). Though jersey is breathable, it badly accentuates by clinging to your body’s lumps and bumps. Jersey isn’t the only culprit as other synthetic fabrics have this unsightly ability.


Fashion is known to recycle trends from decades past. It isn’t a reason to bust out your box of ‘80s outfits, however. When designers pick up a trend, they usually update it and put a modern spin on it. Whether it’s a tiny detail or revamping the silhouette, it’s often noticeable enough that you’ll look dated when you actually wear something from the same era.



We’re all guilty of wearing too much black. Only when it becomes a daily habit can it add years to your appearance. Black is harsh enough that it colors you out especially when it comes to delicate mature skin. Wearing black can also affect your face as it accentuates facial wrinkles, lines, and the shadows under your eye.


Shoes are a tricky item as footwear trends change with what seems like every season. These days, styles such as flatform sandals, wedges, platform heels, and peep toe shoes will make you look dated. So, it’s better to wear timeless shoes to avoid looking older than you are.


While we’re at it, sensible shoes are another item that can date many. Though comfy, they’re chunky and made in unappealingly bland leather. Find the middle ground and look for shoes that promise both comfort and style.


When it comes to florals, you’re better off with softer, muted prints rather than loud and vibrant ones. It’s also important to choose a flattering cut that’s not too tight or too loose. Avoid too girly silhouettes such as A-line skirts, ruffled pieces, or anything with bows. Trying to make yourself look too young only emphasizes your age.


Monotone dressing is a trend that’s popular as of late, and neutrals—especially beige—is one that’s frequently done. Like black, neutrals can color mature skin out and make you look bland. Instead of beige, try similar shades such as off-white, camel, or even a nice light pink.

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In an attempt to pass as a 20-something, several women make the mistake of piling on all the latest trends or wearing something sexy and revealing. This, however, does more damage than good as these can wrongly highlight areas that you’d want to hide.

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