Check Out These Cool Motorcycles Displayed at the First Ride PH Cafe

Ride PH Cafe aims to unite the local motorcycle community.
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They say that you shouldn’t have too much of a good thing. But that certainly wasn’t applicable during the first Ride PH Cafe held recently at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig, where dozens of incredibly beautiful and rare motorcycles were on display for everyone to feast their eyes on and drool over.

Spearheaded by award-winning journalist and motorcycle devotee Jay Taruc, Ride PH Cafe was meant to be just that: a café where professional riders, motorcycle enthusiasts, and everyone else passionate about vehicles with two wheels can chill, drink coffee, enjoy music, and admire motorcycles.

Motorcycle enthusiasts and amateur and professional riders get together for the inaugural Ride PH Cafe

Two-wheel heaven

Jaws dropped at the sight of the bikes. Ride PH Cafe had them all—from big bikes, sports bikes, cafe racers, scooters, off-road bikes, and even electric bikes.Everything from new models to classics were on display, with some even coming from personal collections of well-known motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle groups.


The big guns such as Harley Davidson, BMW, Ducati, and Royal Enfield were all accounted for, with some even choosing the event to unveil their latest models. Ducati wowed the crowd with its new 2019 Scrambler, while Royal Enfield joined the cafe racer wagon, revealing its Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650 at the event as well.

Fancy a Japanese brand like Kawasaki or an Italian one like Lambretta? They were all there, too.

Harley Davidson

Bristol Classic 400i

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Royal Enfield




Ducati Scrambler

Motorcycle-heads are usually also gear-heads, and attendees were spoiled for choice at the event. From jackets to helmets, to riding boots and caps, everything you could ever need to build a riding wardrobe and channel your inner James Dean—while still keeping safe—were available at the event. Of course, coffee was available, too, as a “cafe” wouldn’t be complete without coffee.

To complete the feel, guests were serenaded by various bands with classic blues and upbeat sounds from the decades past. Think Easy Rider travel scenes and you’ll get the idea.

Bands provided entertainment for Ride PH guests


Coming together

But more than the drop-dead gorgeous motorcycles and chill ambience, visitors who arrived in groups wearing their custom shirts and accessories also enjoyed seeing fellow enthusiasts. This, according to Taruc, is what the event was all about.

“You’d be surprised that a lot of riders and small groups can’t find a venue or platform where they can share their thoughts and experiences,” says Taruc, who’s been riding various motorcycles for the last 20 years. “We want riders to have a solid community they can turn to for advice on things like riding techniques, what motorcycle to buy, and many others.”

Former news reporter, documentarian and hardcore motorcycle enthusiast Jay Taruc spearheaded the first Ride PH Cafe motor show

By riders, for riders

Guidance and education, especially for new riders, were also among the main advocacies of Ride PH. As city roads continue to become more and more congested, motorcycles have exploded in popularity due to their practicality and ease of maintenance. While that in itself is a good thing for the industry, it also presents new problems for the riding community in general.


“We have a lot of newbie riders now that, if left without proper guidance in terms of road safety and riding etiquette, can really become a threat to other motorists and commuters,” adds Taruc.

Consultation about various bills and other proposed measures to rein in riders is also a big problem says Taruc, as true riders are rarely, if ever, approached by lawmakers when they come up with new policies.

There were also booths devoted to motorcycle gear and accessories

“Hopefully, with events like Ride PH Cafe, they will see that there is indeed a very large community of sensible and law-abiding riders that is willing to sit down and have a dialogue to come up with laws and ordinances that can benefit both the riders and the public,” he said.

Seeing how riders of all levels, ages, and background came together to have a good time and share their passion at the Ride PH Cafe, it was easy to recognize that being a rider isn’t just about practicality or beautiful motorcycles—it’s a lifestyle. And with an organized community behind them, it shouldn’t be long until more people see that as well.

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