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A buzzy psychological thriller, a guaranteed Pixar classic, and (gasp!) an Adam Sandler flick—all right here.
“Stop using my shooting for clout...Since when tf is it cool to joke about women getting shot!”
The Apple TV+ documentary sees the singer show a level of vulnerability you rarely see in our all-curated-everything culture.
The rapper, whose real name is Kirsnik Khari Ball, was shot in Houston on Tuesday morning.
Sexy and unsettling, in equal measure.
Much of the master of horror's fiction has been adapted multiple times over, but some films and TV series stand apart from the pack.
"Her Majesty was a pillar of leadership in the global arena and a devoted friend of freedom."
"Who’s to say that Madeleine won’t be back?"
He was a strange leader for a strange time—and an erstwhile pizza spokesman.
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