Here's What 10 Filipino Celebrities Have to Say About Losing Their Virginity


Through the years, celebrities have opened up about a lot of things. From time to time, that also includes details of their most personal moments.

For today's celebrities-they're-just-like-us compilation, we're focusing on those who have spoken out about losing their virginity. Here's what 10 Filipino celebrities had to say about their first time.

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Iya Villania

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Iya Villania has spoken out about not having sex before marriage in the past. In a 2015 press conference, she admitted she had made a vow against pre-marital sex, and it lasted until her 10-year relationship with Drew Arellano led to marriage.

"He was very patient, yes… I mean, it's easy now for me to say because we're married now," she says. "It's actually nakakatawa. Mas nakakabilib si Drew! It's actually easy for—which is why ang lakas ng loob ko magsabi—it's easy for girls who [haven't] experienced anything because you don't know what you're missing out on."


Toni Gonzaga

Likewise, Toni Gonzaga has also shared details on her vow to save herself for marriage and losing her virginity. "I take pride in myself na si Paul [Soriano] lang ang lalaki sa buhay ko," she says.

"Parang bigla akong tumingin kay Paul, ‘Oy, grabe, ikaw lang ang lalaki sa buhay ko. 'Puwede kang maglakad kahit saan, ‘Ako lang ang nakaano sa asawa ko,’" she adds. "Nakita ko naman kung paano niya ako nirespeto, kung paano ka niya alagaan. Saka hinintay talaga niya."

Luis Alandy

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While on Mo Twister's Forbidden Questions, Luis Alandy answered several provocative questions about himself. One being, his age when he lost his virginity. According to the actor, he was 14 years old when it happened. He added, "It was something very special. I was about to turn 15, so birthday gift."

Borgy Manotoc

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Borgy Manotoc sounds like he had a great time in '97. Speaking to Mo Twister, Manotoc kept it brief and shared that he lost his virginity at the age of 14 in 1997 with a girl two years his senior.

Aubrey Miles


Audrey Miles is another celebrity who has answered Mo Twister's infamous Forbidden Questions, though she didn't elaborate much on her first time. Instead, she just shared that she was 19 years old at the time it happened.

BB Gandanghari

BB Gandanghari has recently been in the headlines for her no-holds-barred vlogging, but she's been at it years before. When asked by Mo Twister when she lost her virginity, she says she was 20 years old when she lost it to a girl, and 31 years old when she lost it to a guy.

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In Dolphy's autobiography, he shared many firsts in his life and career including his first sexual experience. The King of Comedy candidly admitted he lost his virginity at the age of 13. “Well, medyo lapitin na ako noon pa. Maputi ako, mapulang-mapula ang labi, malago pa ang buhok ko, kulot.” He says his first time wasn't romantic, however, as it was during the Japanese occupation with a hostess working in Paco.


Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino has revealed a bunch of things to the media through the years, and that includes when she lost her virginity. Instead of an interview, however, she made the revelation during a Facebook Live as a response to her former partner Phillip Salvador.

She said: "I was 23 years old when the relationship started. How many times did I hear, ‘Nakaisa si Ipe,’ ‘Siya ang naka una kay Kris’? Yes, totoo yon, I was a virgin, and I got pregnant, and I left my family. I chose him."

McCoy de Leon


During a press conference for his movie G!, McCoy de Leon was asked if he was still a virgin: "No," he answered. Ako po, hindi ko po sinasadya at mas older woman din yun, di ko akalain. Dapat after marriage nga po dapat! Nagulat po ako, e. Kaya sobrang relate sa akin yung character ko."

Jameson Blake

Jameson Blake, who also stars in G!, was also asked the same question during the press conference. He directly answered the question, saying, "Medyo bata pa ako nun, e. I think I was 15, 16. 21 na ako now. High school pa ako... girlfriend ko.  Mas matanda siya sa akin, kasi mahilig ako sa mas matanda sa akin, mas mature. One year or one year and a half [lang yung difference]."

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