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The Revolutionary Morning Machine Will Make Your Coffee Ritual So Much Better

Filipino Andre Chanco and Singaporean Leon Foo create a new system of marketplace and machine for capsule coffee enthusiasts.
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How do you get your caffeine fix? Do you do the pour over? The drip? The press? The siphon? Or do you make baby angels cry by throwing the contents of an instant coffee packet into a novelty mug filled with boiling water?

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How to Improve the Morning Coffee 

To help you wake up better, two coffee entrepreneurs have set out to improve the sacred coffee ritual. “We do enjoy manual brew devices, which have been very much available for a long time. The only challenge I see with those is that they are prone to human error, which is part of someone’s brewing journey,” says Andre Chanco, co-founder of Morning, the young company that is creating not just a new coffee machine for capsule brewing, but also an entire eco-system that ties everything together.

The Morning Machine provides pro-level tools to improve your at-home coffee making.

Photo by Morning.

If Chanco’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the man behind Yardstick Coffee, the Legazpi Village hub that is best described as obsessed with all things coffee, maximizing its flavors and roasting it on demand for freshness (also: cream cheese fudge). For Morning, Chanco partners with Leon Foo, who is the founder of Singapore roaster PPP Coffee, its café Chye Seng Huat Hardware, and the coffee equipment supplier Stellar-M. In short, Chanco and Foo are coffee experts who want to improve your morning experience.

To better your brewing journey, the pair offers a two-pronged approach: Connect you, the home brewer, with coffee roasters from around the world via curated coffee capsules and, of course, create a new coffee machine that can perfectly translate the flavors of the roasts as their makers intended.  

The Morning Machine, which is supported by a Kickstarter campaign, is described as “the world’s first coffee capsule machine with barista-approved controls,” and that, in a nutshell—how it makes available the tools of professional coffeemakers—is the secret to the system. With the neat, little machine on your kitchen counter, you can tap into the secrets of a roast and pour it into a cup—even if you’re half asleep.

'The Morning ecosystem is the bridge between two characters that truly enjoy coffee: the roaster and the home brewer,' says Andre Chanco, co-founder of Morning.

Photo by Morning.
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“To me, the most important part is nailing a recipe,” explains Foo of coffee brewing. “With the Morning Machine, that is now possible with a magical, seamless process. Convenient brewing just got better; it also tastes better.

“When you get your recipe right immediately, the satisfaction is indescribable,” adds Chanco.

How the Morning Machine Makes Brewing Better 

To create magic, three key tools have been embedded in the Morning Machine: a built-in scale for consistent brews, two thermal sensors that set temperatures, and the Intermittent Wave Brewing System, a patent-pending piece of tech that controls pressure so that, as Morning promises, mouthfeel and texture are enhanced.

'The Morning Machine is the hardware that makes the pods exceptionally tasty like how the roasters intended it to be,' shares Leon Foo, co-founder of Morning.

Photo by Morning.

Of the three, Chanco values the scale function the most. At the start of his coffee journey, when he would make coffee for his family, not measuring coffee and water resulted in “an underwhelming cup.” He shares, “I personally enjoy [creating] consistency with my coffees without too much effort and I believe the Morning Machine’s built-in scale will allow for every cup to taste the same.” 


In fact, Chanco advises homebrewers to get a scale (along with a whole bean grinder) to improve brewing right away. Foo, on the other hand, recommends investing in a water filtration system, adding that “water makes up more than 98 percent of coffee, so using filter water or the right water to brew your coffee can make a notable difference in taste.”

Photo by Morning.

Foo also underlines how the three functions of the machine work together to provide accuracy and convenience, leading to better home brews. For example, did you know that brewing coffee at different temperatures highlights different flavors? And did you also know that playing around with pressure (Morning Machine’s Bloom & Brew method) results in stronger coffee?

We can discuss the various functions some more, but just know that the Morning Machine has been built to think for you. It’s also been designed to make things easy. Just create your coffee brewing profile or recipe via the Morning app and let the machines talk to each other to create the cup you want.


How the Morning Marketplace Works

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between roasters and home brewers even more with recipes and curated content,” says Foo of the Morning ecosystem. The system starts at the Morning Marketplace, which is a slick website where you can discover a plethora of coffee capsules from around the world, from Africa to South America and elsewhere.

Let’s see... Maybe what you need is coffee with a kick of whisky as the powers of both may help you get through the insane reality of the right now. Click on the particular flavor on the sidebar to see a lone entry, the intensely rich Organic Indian by Cru Kafe, which is… sold out. (Sorry!) 

Photo by Morning.
Photo by Morning.

Let’s try again. If not alcohol, turn to the comforts of milk chocolate. This one brings up three entries and the Volcan Azul from Costa Rica (melon, honeydew, and milk chocolate) with its compostable capsule (important!) wins. On the site, there are even more toggles, from roast level to processing, to narrow down your search. Searching by roaster, for example, uncovers the Butter Walnut Cake of Yardstick.

After shopping and delivery (for now, the service is available in Singapore and Hong Kong but plans to roll out to other countries are in the works), the capsules end up in the cool machine on your counter. “The Morning Machine is the hardware [that makes] the pods exceptionally tasty like how the roasters on the Morning Marketplace intended it to be,” says Foo, closing the coffee circle.

How to Help the Morning Machine Project

Now would be a good time to remind you that the Morning app also contains the brewing formula of whatever capsule you acquire from the Marketplace, ensuring that you’ll always get the brewing and thus the flavor right.


If you’re overwhelmed about the selection (a loose count on the site nets over 40 brews), turn to the experts for recommendations. Chanco enjoys bright and juicy African coffees from Ethiopia and Kenya” and pairs his cup with a butter croissant or a blueberry tart, while Foo prefers a washed Ethiopian coffee with sweet floral notes” and matches this with a curry puff.

Photo by Morning.
Photo by Morning.

And if you’re really stumped, you’ll be glad to know that the Morning Machine is designed to be compatible with most Nespresso capsules. The entrepreneurs made sure to make the machine compatible with Nespresso to align with its excellence and also add value to the capsule format. “It’s all about pairing high-quality coffee with equipment that can extract the nuances of each coffee,” says Chanco.

One last thing: The Morning Machine is in the final stages of production and, if you want to give it (and better mornings) one big push toward fruition, its Kickstarter is still live.

“We’re fine-tuning the functionalities and build of the Morning Machine at the moment,” reveals Chanco. “As the machine will be present in people’s homes all around the world, we need to make sure that we test thoroughly to ensure that the user experience is magical while keeping the machine very simple to operate.”


When asked what the most critical thing is right now, Foo says it is making sure the revolutionary coffee machine makes it to your homes by Christmastime. “This would make everyone’s Christmas gatherings a lot sweeter,” he muses. We’re down with that. After all, in the strangeness of this new world, we deserve better mornings.

For more information, visit To support the project, head to its Kickstarter page here



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