A List of the Stupidest Things We Cared About in 2017

There were so many things we should care about. Why did we, as a people, choose these?

A lot of things happened in 2017. The Commission of Human Rights was threatened with a P1000 budget. There was the insurgent siege in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, followed by the declaration of martial law in Mindanao. The unconstitutional extension of said declaration. The allegations of sexual misconduct and harrassment that started with Harvey Weinstein and snowballed to include many other industries all around the world.

You’d think we’d be too preoccupied with all these important matters, but apparently, there’s always room for a little trash in our lives.


Xian Gaza’s Billboard Proposal to Erich Gonzales
Back in July, a then little-known CEO named Xian Gaza decided that the best way to ask out a celebrity was to commission a huge billboard on Recto Avenue. “I can’t even espresso how much much I like you a latte,” it said. On Instagram, Gaza admitted that he’d been looking for a way to ask out Erich Gonzales privately for one month until he came to the very public solution.

The first reactions were mostly positive , with women fawning over the grand gesture. Soon after, clarity kicked in with folks started condemning the display as “creepy.” Things took a turn for the worse when news reports revealed that Gaza had a history of “scamming” his business partners and also made similar sweeping moves of courtship to another actress, Ella Cruz (whom he also scammed).

Then, in October, Gaza sent out another public offering: He was selling the jacket featured on the billboard for P48,888 with the following freebies: a red iPhone 7 and a trip to the Maldives. Buyers were limited to females “since birth,” between 18 to 29 years old, never been married, “single or with boyfriend’s notarized permit,” “name has to touch of ‘ella,’ ‘ela,’ ‘erich,’ ‘rich,’ ‘erika,’ nor ‘maica,’” and with “pleasing personality.



Isabelle Daza’s Dance Moves
Isabelle Daza stole the show during Anne Curtis-Smith and Erwan Heussaff’s wedding when an IG snap of her jumping around to “Despacito” at the reception went viral. Daza, who married Adidas Philippines GM Adrien Semblat in September 2016, was in five months pregnant. “Concerned” mothers and generally nosy citizens expressed their views that the actress was harming her unborn child.

And to all those who are still concerned, Daza leads a very active lifestyle, so in her case, lightly jumping up and down won’t do much to her baby. She even took a 9K-hike the next day. According to Smart Parenting, exercising during pregnancy is actually recommended.


Xander Ford
One major headliner this year is Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala. The former Hasht5 member unveiled the results of extensive plastic surgery on October 1 in an episode of Rated K. His swan-like transformation was met with mixed reviews and triggered the age-old debate on inner beauty, but it was the aftermath that really took a turn for the bizarre.

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Two weeks after his renaissance, a video Ford bashing teen queen Kathryn Bernardo circulated online. Two more weeks later, Ford sued a Dave Alvarez and an Angelo Rozol for cyberbullying, blaming them for uploading the malicious clip. Ford later issued an apology, saying that the video caused him several jobs.

Apparently, however, the YouTube sensation still has enough work to get him by. At the end of November, news reports claimed that Ford has gone “missing.” His disappearance caused his management to cancel some shows and fear breach of contract. Later that day, he resurfaced, alleging that he “just wants to take a break from showbiz.

All these issues contributed to Xander Ford being named Google Philippines’ Most Searched Male Personality of the Year. Haterz gonna hate.


Should you bring Tupperware to an event? We never thought to seriously ask this question until one fateful day in August when the local food industry was jolted by this very question. A blogger caused quite a stir when she brought Tupperware to an event and asked the marketing team for some leftover food.


It would’ve been a hush-hush request had another blogger not witnessed it and posted it on social media. No names were revealed until relatives of the Tupperware blogger reacted on Facebook. Messy.


The Price of Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins
Donut holes are one of life’s greatest inventions. They’re cheaper and smaller, which gives you the feeling that you’re eating less without depriving you of flavor, so we totally understand when the Internet freaked out early in December. Dunkin Donuts increased the price of their Munchkins from P7/piece to P10. That’s a 43% surge.

Fortunately, regular donuts are priced the same.  


Justin Trudeau at Jollibee
Ask anyone about what happened during the ASEAN 2017 and they might be hard-pressed to remember anything—except Justin Trudeau and his little Jollibee pit stop.

The Canadian prime minister is familiar with Jollibee thanks to the large Filipino population in his country. He even visited Canada’s first Jollibee branch in Winnipeg back in January. Trudeau ordered a one-piece Chickenjoy and a Strawberry Tea Float at the North Harbor branch in Tondo. He also mingled with the customers. Hey, politicians gotta eat.


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