Yes, You Can Totally Have a Cool Bachelor Pad Inside Your Family's House

The owner worked with interior designer Erika Uichanco to transform an ordinary bedroom into a remarkable, condo-like personal space

One look at the photo above and you’ll think that we’re featuring a condo unit. Would you believe that it’s a loft-type bedroom found in a spacious family home? “When we renovated the house, I thought it would be great to explore my design interests and apply it into my own room. I really wanted to incorporate my personality and lifestyle into the interiors,” shares LA. To help him turn his plans for the space into a sanctuary he can proudly call his own, LA worked with interior designer Erika Uichanco. After visiting the site and exchanging pegs with each other, the two identified the areas to be included in the bedroom. “The client was very hands-on with the project. He already knew that he liked a lot of blacks and a lot of plants to be incorporated into the design. He also suggested that we do his initials as his shoe display ledge. Knowing this, I was very confident that the design process would go smoothly as he already knew what he wanted and I was here to help him design it in the best way,” says Erika.

The room, which measures around 55 to 60sqm (including the walk-in closet and bathroom), highlights a cozy take on the industrial style with a masculine appeal. The designer based the design on a non-traditional masculine style, pairing dark hues with soft neutral colors and adding lots of greenery. Even with dark finishes and elements, the space doesn’t look cramped at all—thanks to the high ceiling and large windows that let in natural light. Completing the look are the red brick wallpaper used on the walls, wooden touches, and mix of leather and velvet fabrics used for the furniture. Aside from sourcing from different stores, it also helped that LA’s family owns a newly established furniture design studio. “I was not limited to the furniture pieces readily available in the market and I was able to create the furniture I envisioned—from the material and color, to the texture, size, and [down to the tiniest] detail,” he shares.


According to the Erika, the look of the room also takes inspiration from bachelor pads seen in New York and Los Angeles. "There are textures, playful and unexpected elements, but with a real cozy and relaxing feel to it," she adds. Meanwhile, LA describes it as a space that reflects his laidback personality. "It's a space where I feel so relaxed after a long day at work, and at the same time energized to do more for tomorrow's work," he says.

From the loft, one can appreciate the cohesiveness of the colors, materials, and pieces chosen for the space. It does look like a stand-alone home without a kitchen. "The main intention, I think, was to have a proper bedroom, while also having a private workspace on the loft area. This in a way, divided the space, in such a way that there are two separate rooms or areas," the designer explains.

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Defining the living area is a textured red brick wallpaper that looks like real bricks. LA opted for a low, Japanese-inspired customized bed. It is set on an extended platform made of wood wenge veneer. "We also chose a satin/velvet fabric for the bed," shares Erika. According to her, the furniture pieces follow an asymmetrical layoutâthe bed is not centered and there different accessories flanking both sides.

A closer look at the wall behind the bed reveals a wooden interior trim that ties with the room's overall look. Further sprucing up the wall are display shelves showcasing some of LA's prized collections. These collections make the room even more personal. "You'll see rare items. There are toys, collectibles, memorabilia from travel, photos, and awards," he shares.


Following the asymmetrical layout for the space, Erika furnished both sides of the bed differently. This corner features an industrial-inspired wall sconce and a nightstand holding a potted plant and a few reads.

The lounge area at the foot of the bed is completed with a brown leather Chesterfield sofa, an ergonomically designed coffee table with extendable top in the middle, and another cowhide rug. Erika chose leather to soften the wooden details and wallpaper. "It also creates a vintage mood which I feel best complements the wooden elements in the room," adds LA.


From this view, we can appreciate the spaciousness of LA's bedroom. The high ceiling makes it look bigger, too. In the lounge area, a console with backboard holds the TV and some of LA's collections. Beside the door is a walk-in closet while the loft area houses his work area.

Erika considers the shoe display as the room's focal point. If you look closely, you will see that the placing of the ledges spell out LA. White melamine moisture-resistant wood was the chosen material as it's sturdy and easy-to-install. The designer made sure that wood veneer detail was added, too. "This is so we can balance out the use of the wood throughout the entire room as well as highlight the shoes on display," Erika adds.

Meanwhile, natural light streams in from the windows, adding a homey glow to the space.

A roomy walk-in closet was added as part of the room since LA liked the idea of having easy access to his wardrobe. Backlit shelves complete the look, with enough space for the owner's belongings. "This divides the clothing from his room and footwear collection while keeping the bedroom organized," says Erika. The sliding barn door adds a rustic touch to the space while serving as an extra accent when closed.


A locker in the bedroom? It's possible! The customized piece functions as storage and decor in one. It holds some of LA's belongings, most of which are related to his hobbies and interests. Since the owner's family owns a startup furniture design studio called Lorna's Corner, finishing the said piece according to LA's specifications was a breeze.

Plants were used as extra decor in the space, adding a relaxing feel to industrial-inspired sanctuary.


A black steel staircase leads to the loft/home office. To make the look seamless, Erika used metal vinyl tiles as accents and as flooring in the area. The overall look will remind one of warehouses and New York City apartments.

Whenever LA needs to get some things done, he simply needs to climb up the loft to focus and get in the zone. "All the wood and metal finishes seen on the ground floor, including the green locker, were repeated in this area to provide a cohesive design for the entire unit," shares Erika. Meanwhile, LA likes the droplights and metal vinyl flooring. "It somehow gives me that workshop feel. Isolating the office area from the rest of the room makes me more productive and makes the space more conducive for work," he says.


Various awards are displayed on top of another green locker, with stacked shoeboxes serving as extra decor. A wall-mounted shelf makes use of the available vertical space where some of LA's collections, books, and essentials are showcased.

A captivating lighting piece livens up the ceiling and accentuates the room's high ceiling. From this view, the elements come together to create an inviting sanctuary, with the wooden touches and creative shoe rack taking the spotlight.

Ready for your own home makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Erika Uichanco through email at [email protected]

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