These Cities Pay the Highest Salaries in the World

Pack up and go

Have you ever thought about packing it all in and moving to a city where you can be paid more for all the work you do? A place where the sun shines, the money stacks and the kitchen water cooler is filled with Corona?

This list of cities with the highest average salaries may just help you decide where to go - and you may not have previously considered the number one spot.

The info comes from Deutsche Bank's annual "Mapping the world's prices" report which looks at the costs of goods and services, living and average earning figures for the most powerful cities in the world.

The answer could be in global banking centre Zurich, Switzerland, which tops the list with monthly average salaries of $5,876 (approx P292,184.10).

Of course, you might have to be a banker to see figures as high as that...

See the full list of 24 cities below and happy day-dreaming:

24. Edinburgh, UK - $2,293 (approx P114,019.43)

23. Ottawa, Canada - $2,446 (approx P121,627.35)

22. Amsterdam, Netherlands - $2,493 (approx P123,964.43)

21. Toronto, Canada - $2,560 (approx P127,296.00)

20. Paris, France - $2,583 (approx P128,439.68)

19. Dublin, Ireland - $2,603 (approx P129,434.18)

18. Helsinki, Finland - $2,620 (approx P130,279.50)

17. Stockholm, Sweden - $2,622 (approx P130,378.95)

16. Frankfurt, Germany - $2,626 (approx P130,577.85)

15. Hong Kong - $2,715 (approx P135,003.38)

14. Auckland, New Zealand - $2,762 (approx P137,340.45)

13. London, UK - $2,776 (approx P138,036.60)

12. Tokyo, Japan - $2,897 (approx P144,053.33)

11. Wellington, New Zealand - $2,941 (approx P146,241.23)

10. Copenhagen, Denmark - $2,958 (approx P147,086.55)

9. Singapore - $3,077 (approx P153,003.83)

8. Oslo, Norway - $3,154 (approx P156,832.65)

7. Melbourne, Australia - $3,344 (appox P166,280.40)

6. Sydney, Australia - $3,451 (approx P171,600.98)

5. Chicago, USA - $3,622 (approx P180,103.95)

4. New York, USA - $4,304 (approx P214,016.40)

3. Boston, USA - $4,322 (approx P214,911.45)

2. San Francisco, USA - $4,817 (approx P239,525.33)

1. Zurich, Switzerland - $5,876 (approx P292,184.10)

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