Nico Bolzico on Why You Should Make a Business Out of Farming

He opens up about the lessons he learned growing up a farmer.

Nico Bolzico is an entrepreneur and celebrity, the "bullied" husband of Solenn Heussaff, and a soon-to-be father; but aside from these, he's also a farmer, born and raised in the fields of South America, and he shares that this is why he enjoys the wide spaces of Bacolod in a previous interview with during a Shell Fuels event.

"I like Bacolod," he says. "I can ride horses there, I can play polo, I can be [near] the green mountains. I love Bacolod so much, maybe because it reminds me so much of where I am from in Argentina.

"I grew up farming… I think farming is the best university that anyone can have. Hard work, working with your hands, and understanding what mother nature can give… it teaches you a lot. It teaches you how to appreciate hard work and how to appreciate everything we consume because at the end of the day, it comes from the farm."

In case you didn't know, Nico is also the founder and president of LM10 Corporation, a company "committed to supporting local farmers and independent firms through introducing advanced technological solutions and machineries brought to achieve better results."


Nico shares that his dad is one of his biggest inspirations: "He didn’t finish his education. He’s a farmer his whole life and the values and principles he inclulcated in us… He’s basically reminding [us] of where we come from, our roots, and honesty and hard work will take you very, very far."

This, he says, is where his passion to help improve farming in the Philippines comes from. "I believe the Philippines has a big need for a better agriculture sector, and… There’s a lot of fulfillment when you work in farming.

"Sure, we want profits, but it’s kind of like social profits, because…you give back to the country."

The issue, Nico says, is that farming seems to have "bad marketing," and that the public doesn't fully understand that it's a much needed and profitable venture, especially in a firstly agricultural country like the Philippines. "I think there needs to be more education to explain what farming is—the potential, what the Philippines can give, what can be done, how much more value we can add in what we produce... Most importantly, how much needed it is, because our long term vision in LM10 is to contribute to the self-sufficiency of food here in the Philippines."

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