There's No Escaping the Ghost of Pepsi Paloma on the Internet

Her mystery lives on.

The Internet is a trove for all things strange and mysterious so it's not exactly surprising that even over thirty years later, the mystery of Pepsi Paloma lives on. And at this point, with reshares and cached content, and screencaps, there's no possible way to complete delete all traces of her from the Internet. In fact, her infamy now may have exceeded her fame as a softdrink starlet. 

Pop culture archivist Simon Santos of, for example, also his own Pepsi Paloma tribute complete with clippings from Times Journal. The Times even published snippets from Paloma's diary.

The website, which specializes in little-known historical facts, also has its own short history of the life and career of Pepsi Paloma, including the cover of a 1982 Parade magazine issue that included a feature about her alleged rape by Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, and Richie D'Horsie.  


Apart from official outlets, Pepsi Paloma's name has been included in lists, from urban legends to unexplained cases, and curious blogs that only heighten her mystery. Her story has been alluded to in various media, including Eraserheads' "Spoliarium." Lourd de Veyra's column "This Is a Crazy Planets," takes its title from her alleged suicide note. 

Meanwhile, Facebook pages like Justice for Pepsi Paloma and Pepsi Paloma Official continue to be the digital ghosts that we just can't seem to shake off.

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