UP Med School Students Welcome Their Freshies With a Funny Music Video

Shoutout to the doctor-shaming public out there.
IMAGE Facebook - UPCM Freshie Orientation Program 2018

Let's send some good vibes to the Philippine medical community after the rough couple of weeks they have had being called out yelled at for no reason just for doing their jobs really well.

Earlier this month, a fresh batch of students at the UP College of Medicine joined college freshmen all over the the country in entering the halls of their respective institutions of learning like timid little country mice, afraid of what the next few years hold. We're willing to bet that med school freshies were among the most apprehensive of all the young students out there, as they begin to embark on a legendarily intensive program of learning.

To ease the freshmen into their new lives, the UPCM upperclassmen unveiled a surprise at the Freshmen Orientation Program: this amazingly elaborate musical performance sung to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast:

"And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as Class of '22 proudly presents: Your primer," the gregarious upperclassment says, as the curtain pulls back to reveal the performance, shot in various locations within the university and at the Philippine General Hospital.

The lyrics are funny and poignant, and they contain a point or two about serving the nation, despite, ehem, the loud presence of doctor-shamers out there.


This is med, this is med
You'll be stressed so be prepared
Master physio and anatomy
And stuff it in your head
See our wards and observe
Why our people you should serve


Someone who needs saving
In a place no doctor's serving
In his home, no system to rely upon
Ah in PGH, the lines are long too
Every day much work here left undone
Our healthcare needs improving
Innovation and more funding
But, underpaid, our pros go overseas
We try to bring equity in healthcare
Help us when you're MDs
RSA says in three in five years!


Don't take a nap or you'd
be doctor-shamed and sued
For us no rest (we're so stressed)
I need rest (we're so stressed)

The four-minute video ends on a high note, as the upperclassmen launch into a full-throated finale to welcome the freshmen once more into the program. It's such a generous performance, and you don't need to be either a med student or a freshman to be able to appreciate it.

Thanks for this, and bravo, future doctors!

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