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Let's Talk About The Bleak State of Sci-Fi Films in the Philippines

Why we need to support the efforts of movies like 'Instalado'

When the trailer for director Jason Paul Laxamana’s Instalado premiered last June, the high-concept science fiction drama was met by mostly positive reactions online. Laxamana, an indie film circuit regular with 12 directing credits under his belt, has never been afraid of mining new genres, and Instalado is his first foray into science fiction.

There were some detractors, of course, but many praised the film's futurist elements—impressive computer graphics, a plot that would impress any Philip K. Dick scholar, and visually pleasing production design that accentuate its dystopian themes.  

Instalado is set in the near future when the technology of installation will have reached the Philippines. In the world of the movie, installation is a neurological technology that allows bodies of knowledge to be installed directly into brains,” explains Laxamana, whose new movie will be screened at the ToFarm Film Festival from July 12 to 18 in select theaters in and around Manila. 


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