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Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series Could Be Set Thousands of Years Before the Films

A new map has provided some pointers

Amazon's new map of Middle Earth has completely upended expectations for its upcoming Lord of the Rings series, suggesting that we're in for a totally different story to the tale of a young Aragorn which most fans had assumed was on the way.

Nicely drawn maps are of course an enormous part of the appeal of Tolkien's world, but this one's particularly important. A lot of fans have become a bit giddy because the area of the map which would in Peter Jackson's trilogy have been marked as Rohanhome of horses, King Théoden and that sweaty guy who looked like Jack Whiteis instead named Calenardhon.

To explain why this matters, we're going to need to wade into the deeper end of Tolkien lore. Rohan only became Rohan in 2510 in the Third Age, about 500 years before Aragorn was born. Other clues point to an even earlier setting: Arnor and Gondor, parts of Middle Earth which predate Rohan, aren't on the map either.


So, that seems to point to the action in Amazon's series not following a young Aragorn at all, and some Tolkien buffs have suggested that it could even be set in the Second Age, which Jackson's films only showed in flashback to the battle which ended with Isildur chopping Sauron's fingers off.

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