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10 Best Breakup Films That Will Make You Feel Much Better About Yourself

Now talk about a bad romance.
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In the spirit of Valentine’s, we’ve compiled a list of modern breakup films to make you feel less upset if you’ve been dumped (or did the dumping). These films (and one series) will justify anyone’s state of singleness. Be glad you don’t have a monster mother in law (Monster-in-Law), a psycho wife (Gone Girl), or an incestuous gold digger for a husband (Crimson Peak).

Here are 10 films and series that are prime example of just how bad commitment can be.

1| Gone Girl

Recommended for: people who wish divorce was legal in the Philippines.

2| Someone Great

Recommended for: every working millennial fresh from a breakup.

3| (500) Days of Summer

Recommended for: people who haven’t accepted that their ex just isn’t that into them.

4| Monster-in-Law

Recommended for: fools jumping into marriage without meeting the future in-laws first.

5| Get Out

Recommended for: every lucky ex-fiancé that got the hell out of dodge.

6| Crimson Peak

Recommended for: victims of top-tier gold diggers.

7| A Simple Favor

Recommended for: people who realized they never really knew their exes.

8| Big Little Lies

Recommended for: the ex-wives club.

9| Marriage Story

Recommended for: people going through particularly shitty breakups.

10| Birds of Prey

Recommended for: every person who’s been freed from a toxic relationship.

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