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10 Great Shark Movies That Will Keep You Away From the Water

Hollywood loves to terrorize us with these tales of man-eating fish.
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Sharks are possibly the most feared animal on the planet, which is pretty wild considering most of us will rarely ever come in contact with one. Yet Hollywood has tried for years to convince us otherwise, presenting the giant fish as deadly human eaters who will go to great lengths to stalk, terrorize, and rip apart their prey. Here are ten movies about the ocean-dwelling monsters that might make you reconsider any nighttime swims.

10| Shark Tale

Not all sharks are mean and scary. Jack Black lends his voice, alongside an all-star cast, as a vegetarian shark in this animated flick.

9| Jaws: The Revenge

In the third (!) sequel to the Spielberg classic, a great white shark hunts the family of Jaws hero Martin Brody. It's ridiculous, but fun.

8| 47 Meters Down

Claire Holt and Mandy Moore brave the deep, dark waters off the shore of Mexico. What could possibly go wrong? (You know what could go wrong.)


7| Spring Break Shark Attack

Dim-witted frat guys. Ditzy co-eds. The most hilariously straight-forward movie title you'll ever find.

6| USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

The true story of the crew members on the USS Indianapolis depicts a fight for survival in the shark-infested waters of the Philippine Sea in this WWII drama.

5| Deep Blue Sea

Scientists are presumably smart people, generally speaking, although when they fuck with nature—and, say, created genetically superior sharks—things never quite go as planned.

4| Open Water

You should always do a headcount when you lead a scuba diving excursion. Otherwise, you'll likely leave a few swimmers stranded in the open water, where they'll turn into shark food.

3| The Meg

If you thought a Great White shark is a beast, you're incredibly unprepared for a prehistoric Megalodon. Thankfully Jason Statham is prepared to defeat this monster.

2| The Shallows

If you've ever wanted to see Blake Lively yell "fuck you!" to a shark, this is the film for you.


1| Jaws

Imagine, for a moment, a list of the best shark movies that didn't put Jaws at the top. Spielberg's breakthrough practically invented the genre, and it's still the best.

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