The 8 Sexiest Movie Scenes (Where No One Actually Gets Naked)

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What happened to old-fashioned romance? Where the delicate removal of a glove was enough to get audiences all steamy, without any of this chips, dips, chains, and whips business?

Here are eight times the movies were deeply erotic without the filth.

1| Skyfall: The Shaving Scene
Bond is a notorious shagger, no doubt, but in this scene where Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) shaves Bond with a cuthroat razor, he doesn't even get a kiss. Instead it's a rare moment of sexual equality.

2| 9½ weeks: The Food Scene
"Close your eyes and lie down on the floor."

In 9½ Weeks, Kim Basinger is treated to an array of tastes exploding in her mouth as Mickey Rourke feeds her cherries, olives, jelly, pasta, champagne, and a whole range of food in a sequence which is nothing short of pornographic.

3| Ghost: The Pottery Wheel
Demi Moore is making a pot because she can't sleep. Patrick Swayze comes over and "helps" by ruining her perfectly good vase. But she's not cross. Instead she invents a new kind of creative pursuit which we're going to called "erot-erry." Or possibly "sex-pots."

4| The Age of Innocence: The Glove Striptease
Martin Scorsese's highly charged period drama about a young lawyer (Daniel Day Lewis) in love with his fiancee's divorced cousin (Michelle Pfeiffer) is, as the title suggests, very restrained. But this scene where the two travel together in a carriage and he removes first his own glove and then hers is totally erotic. It's basically like hand sex. No, not that kind.

5| The Thomas Crown Affair: The Chess Game
Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen engage in a battle of wits in this romantic thriller. It's all eyes, mouths, toes, and fingers in a scene which would put even Bobby Fischer off his game. Checkmate.

6| Demolition Man: Virtual Sex
In case we're got you all riled up and you can't concentrate on your job/shopping/commute etc here's a bonus: the most unsexy non-sex scene in the movies. Oscar winner Sandra Bullock awkwardly propositions a dough-faced Sly Stallone and...well just watch. Entirely SFW.

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