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It Might Have Been Too Early to Drop That New Westworld Trailer

We’re questioning the nature of this long wait for Season 2.

The trailer for Westworld’s second season premiered at Comic-Con over the past weekend, and it looks like things will pick up right where they left off (and not, as many of us had hoped, in Samuraiworld).

To the tune of Sammy Davis Jr.’s “I’ve Gotta Be Me,” our first look at Season 2 begins with the show’s signature player piano, and then slowly establishes where everyone is and vaguely suggests what they’ve been up to since the Season 1 finale (which, you would recall, left us with as many questions as answers).

Remember Bernard, who had been revealed to be a host replica of Dr. Ford’s partner, Arnold? We last see him reciting the show’s central Shakespearean quote, “These violent delights have violent ends,” as Dr. Ford completes his own elaborately-orchestrated self-execution. He’s back in Season 2, and while we expect him to be leading the park as its robot overlord, all we is know that he’ll be spending a few seconds of Season 2 staring at a dead tiger. The fly was a great touch, though.

Remember Maeve, who, as she was about to escape from the park, decided to stay and search for the little girl she sees in her visions, prompting everyone to think that she might have finally gained autonomous consciousness? Well, she’s still at the command center with storyline writer Lee Sizemore, immediately after the massacre that Hector and Armistice carried out.

Remember Dolores, who killed Dr. Ford and the park guests after she had apparently gained consciousness? It looks like she’ll be doing a lot more guest-killing in Season 2, where she could quite possibly be an antagonist.


Remember Stubbs, who was taken by the Ghost Nation tribe in Season 1’s penultimate episode, and was never seen from again? Well, it looks like he’s alive, and he’s back in the park with Bernarnold and two armed guards.

Remember the Man in Black, who died an uncertain, off-screen death in the finale? Of course he’s alive! No showrunner in their right mind would kill off both Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris in one episode!

But to find out any more than that, we’re going to have to wait until the next trailer—which, we hope, would come sometime a little later this year, and much closer to the next season’s premiere. There’s an economy of anticipation by which teasers and trailers necessarily play with our emotions, and Westworld dealt its first hand quite early. Because until 2018, the wait will be agonizing.

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