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Matt LeBlanc Got Wasted Before His Friends Audition, Proving Once Again That He Is Joey


Matt LeBlanc has aged like fine wine. Sure, his hair is greyer and his gut is bigger, but he's still got the goofy humor and undeniable charm that made his character a standout on Friends. And there's really no denying it at this point: Matt is Joey, and his audition story proves it.

In Friends: The Reunion, LeBlanc shared the epic story of how he landed a prized spot on Friends, and it couldn't be more on brand.

Photo by Friends.

The night before his big audition, he and his buddies decided it would be a wise idea to get wasted.
“So, the show’s about a group of friends? Then we should go out drinking," said his friend, according to LeBlanc.

Method acting, and all that.

After a heavy night of bar-hopping, LeBlanc apparently woke up in the middle of the night in his apartment, blacked out, and quite literally, got shit-faced.


“I got up too fast and—I can’t believe I’m telling you this—I kind of blacked out, as you do, and fell face first into the toilet,” said Joey, I mean Matt. “I hit my nose on the bottom of the toilet seat and a huge chunk of meat came off my nose. I’m looking in the mirror and it’s bleeding.”

A few hours later after a long night of bad decisions, Matt showed up to the audion to face Friends creators Marta Kaufmann and David Crane with a giant scar and a massive hangover.

When Kaufmann asked how he got the scar on his face, Matt told the truth. He pulled a Joey move.
And the rest, as they say, is history.

Friends: The Reunion is now streaming on HBO Go Philippines.

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