Haunting Netflix Ad Tells Hard Truth: Black Mirror Season 6 Is Actually 2020

An outdoor advertisement by Brother Ad School, a creative agency in Spain, teased that season 6 of Black Mirror is on its way—actually, it’s already here. Bus stops around Madrid have been installed with dirty mirrors, telling us something we’ve subconsciously known for a while: We’re all living season six of Black Mirror

Protests worldwide, looting and shooting, laws bringing 1984 to lifenot to mention a plague—the post-pandemic world is looking more like a dystopian work of fiction instead of reality. 

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The mirror says that the sixth season is “Live now, everywhere,” and we can’t refute that. Reflecting images of people in gas masks, gloves, standing three feet apart, in a backdrop of worldwide turmoil—yeah, looks like a Black Mirror episode to us.

“It’s been months since everything that happens in the world seems like we were living a long episode of Black Mirror,” said the agency. “In Netflix, the 5th is the last season you can watch. The 6th is happening in the real world.”

Just a month ago, Black Mirror creator Charlie Booker said that season six of the hit show is on hold for now as reality is looking bleaker than fiction. “I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart,” said Booker.

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