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The Voltes V Live-Action Teaser Trailer Looks Promising

Let’s volt in!
IMAGE Toei Company, Ltd. | Telesuccess Productions, Inc. | GMA Network

If there’s a word to describe the live-action version of the Voltes V, A.K.A. the original Jaeger, it is badass. It was first aired in the 1970s but was banned by dictator Ferdinand Marcos for fear that it incited revolution (the last four episodes never aired; these showed how the Armstrong family triumphantly overthrew an evil empire and restored peace and democracy on earth). The series would be aired again in the 1990s, creating a new generation of Filipino fans.

Now, after over 40 years since its inception, Voltes V (pronounced as “voltes five” to the uninitiated) is making a high-definition comeback as a live-action series. On New Year's Eve, GMA Network released the teaser trailer of Voltes V Legacy, which has been licensed by Japan's Toei Company, Ltd. through its Philippine-licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc. In a twitter post, director Mark Reyes hinted that he waited five years for this project to become a reality. 


It is every bit as nostalgic as it is promising. Watch the teaser trailer below.

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