The Itchyworms' Debut Album Wasn't a Hit, But Their Second Was. Here's What Happened

Here’s how they came up with their massive hit ‘Beer.’ 

Not many people know that when The Itchyworms came out with their major label debut album in 2001, it wasn’t a massive hit. Little Monsters Under Your Bed was a mish-mash of different styles and, consequently, flew under the radar within the industry. It wasn’t until the band’s second studio album, Noontime Show, that The Itchyworms finally hit their stride and connected with listeners. 

How exactly did Noontime Show come about? What did they do differently? And what was the biggest piece of advice that shaped the band’s songwriting and helped them come up with one of their most popular songs, “Beer?” Find out in this clip from OG’s full-length feature on The Itchyworms to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary. You can view the full video here

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