Sponge Cola's Band Name Almost Became Sponge Dog and Sponge Cat

Here’s why they chose “Cola” instead.

What’s in a name? A lot—especially in the music industry and now that everything is on the internet and social media.

Do you know how your favorite bands came up with their band names? Yael Yuzon, Filipino rock band Sponge Cola’s vocalist, shares how they came up with theirs. 

“‘Diba sa battle of the bands, kailangan mag-submit ng pangalan? Ang nakalagay lang Yael Yuzon,” he said in an exclusive chat with Summit OG.

But he didn’t want his name to become the band’s name. “Hindi ko talaga trip ‘yung ganon. Parang walang mystique.”

“So, merong libro sa tabi ko, "Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour," I think kapanahunan ni Charles Dickens ‘yun, so it’s one of those classic books. Doon nanggaling ‘yung “sponge,” he shared. 

Tapos nanalo kami ng battle of the bands, nag-meeting kami,” he added. “Nag-meeting kami, sabi kami na parang, ‘Guys, hindi pwedeng “Sponge” ‘yung pangalan natin,’ sabi ng kuya ko saka sabi rin ni Ryan Villena ng Techy Romantics.”

They knew they had to change their name, but they didn’t want to have a completely new one because people already knew them as “Sponge.” 

Sabi nila, dagdagan niyo na lang ‘yung “Sponge” ng isa pang word,” Yael said. “Malapit nang sumabog ‘yung internet noong time na ‘yun,” he added. 

The band knew that if they were difficult to find online, people would not be able to listen to their music. “Kung ‘Sponge’ meron nang ‘Sponge’ na banda sa Detroit,” Yael explained.


They were having dinner while they were having this conversation. Yael recalled that some of them were drinking cola. “Dumaan kami sa ‘Sponge Dog,’ ‘Sponge Cat,’ tapos ‘Sponge Cola,’” he recalled. 

That’s when they realized that “Sponge Cola” was the best option—not only was it catchy, it also captured who they are as a band and what they offer as musicians. “Parang everyday music kami,” Yael said. “Hindi naman kami maingay, hindi rin naman kami sobrang tahimik. Parang saktong gitna.

Hindi rin naman kami like a hard drink,” he added. “Para kaming cola, pwede mong ihalo kahit saan.”

From that conversation over food and drinks, the rest is history. 

Watch the full Summit OG interview here to learn more intimate details about Sponge Cola:

Who’s your favorite Filipino rock band? Do you know the story behind their band name? Share it in the comment section! 

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