So, How Long Should I Be Lasting in Bed, Anyway?

And the magic number is...
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How long should sex last? One minute? Five minutes? You’ve probably wondered about it for one reason or another. Now thanks to science we can finally answer the burning question.

The researchers behind sex toy retailer Lovehoney asked 4,400 individuals about the typical duration of their bedroom sessions. The answers vary, but the average sexy time lasts around 19 minutes—inclusive of 10 minutes foreplay then followed by nine minutes actual sexual intercourse.

Asked about the ideal amount of time to spend in between the sheets, nearly 25 percent of the respondents agreed it’s 30 minutes while 66 percent suggest 15 minutes is enough.

Meanwhile, the researchers found that 89 percent of couples are able to “achieve shared orgasm” during their relationship. A whopping 75 percent of men said they get off “almost every time compared to only 28 percent of women.” In addition, 61 percent of women admitted having difficulty to reach sexual peak.

Lovehoney sex expert Jess Wilde was quite impressed with the results, saying in The Independent, “It is fantastic news that almost 90 percent of couples have achieved a shared orgasms at some point in their relationship.”

To help your partner climax, Wilde advises: “Men can play their part during intercourse by making sure they hit exactly the right spot to stimulate the G-Spot during penetration—this is at 27-degrees and sex pillows can help to get you both into the optimum pose for pleasure.”

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