Singapore's Wildlife Parks are Teeming with Adorable Newborn Animals

There’s hope for the world’s endangered species yet.
IMAGE Wildlife Reserves Singapore

There's absolutely no shame in partaking of a little eye-bleach from time to time, and here we hit the motherlode. Just in time to cure the Monday blues, Singapore Wildlife Reserves released photos of their newborns from 2017.

Last year Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo reported 540 animal births, and over a fourth of them are endangered species. These animals aren’t just cute—they’re symbols of hope.



Khansa the Bornean Orangutan Baby

Khansa was born in Singapore Zoo last April. Her birth is good news for Bornean orangutans, since their IUCN conservation status was changed from endangered to critically endangered in 2016. Fortunately, Singapore Zoo has a very good track record when it comes to breeding orangutans—Khansa is the 46th orangutan to be born in the park.


Maru the King Penguin Chick


Last October, Jurong Bird Park welcomed the birth of Maru, whose name means “round” in Japanese (Sanrio character Badtz-Maru comes to mind). He was raised by a dedicated team at Jurong’s Breeding and Research Center before being introduced to his family at Christmas. Given that he’s the park’s first successfully bred king penguin chick in nearly 10 years, it’s not surprising that they doted on him with some Christmas presents too.


Squish the Greater Flamingo

You might have seen viral videos of Squish waddling around Jurong Bird Park in blue booties. They were used to protect his foot pads while he learned to walk—as any kid would know, walking barefoot on concrete on a hot day is no joke.


Jaguar Cub

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This little furball was born to first-time mom Aswa at the River Safari on November 16. He’s the first jaguar to be born in the park since 2009, and will stay in the nursery for about two more months before he’s named and revealed to the public.


Abina the Pygmy Hippo

This baby hippo was also born in November at Singapore Zoo. Her name, Abina, means “born on Tuesday,” and she is the 24th pygmy hippo to be successfully bred at the zoo.

Asian Small-Clawed Otters


These four adorable otters are among 14 that were bred at Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.


Oban the White Rhino Calf

Oban is the first male white rhino to born at Singapore Zoo in five years. He’s also his mother Donsa’s 11th baby, and his name means “king” in Yoruba.

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