10 Grocery Apps in the Philippines That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier

We hate queueing as much as the next person does.

Nowadays, you can do almost anything online. It’s a relief, considering the risks posed by COVID-19 and the heightened safety protocols everywhere we go. While shopping for essentials like groceries can be a little break from our daily routine at home, the long lines and contact tracing forms at the grocery can make the experience less than satisfactory. If things get too hectic just for a few hours outside, you can opt to look for grocery apps in the Philippines to bring your weekly grocery loot to your doorstep. Similarly, if you suddenly run out of much-needed items, a simple tap and a little bit of waiting time sound a lot better than going to the nearest convenience store. In any case, when going out is more of a hassle than usual, we can turn to these grocery apps for help. 

Just make sure you tip your riders for large deliveries.


Like most, Metromart caters to your needs based on your location and the stores that are nearer to ensure faster delivery. It’s the one app that has S&R, which is convenient for some exclusive products you use. They also have an express store, in case you’re in a rush. For the weekly grind, you can choose which grocery to shop at: they probably have your go-to place in their list. You can add to your cart freely without worrying about top-up prices: they assure their customers that you’re buying the same price regardless of this new type of convenience. If you’d like to manage your time according to your schedule, you can also choose when to have your goodies delivered. Delivery charges are waived with a minimum spend.


What’s more, they go beyond grocery stores. You can also rely on Metromart for other items like hardware, medicine, floral arrangements, pet supplies, baby needs, or anything else retail. They highlight that they usually deliver goods from your local favorites. This app has the most selection of stores with cashless and cash-on-delivery options. They’re available in Metro Manila and some nearby provinces, but they’re constantly expanding to farther places to meet demand.


Grab used to only offer transportation services, but now you can buy food, handle deliveries, and even grocery shopall with the convenience of downloading only one app. GrabMart has a really wide selection of grocery and convenience stores to choose from, so you’re sure to get the products you want, especially if they’re exclusively sold somewhere not often found in bigger stores. This is perfect if you have favorite shops like Korean marts. If you’re in a rush and only need a few items, this is also an easy option for you. You may pay through your GrabWallet or cash on delivery, and they add a little fee of P40 pesos on top of the delivery fee for their riders, so they may continue safely performing their services. 

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If you’re a Foodpanda customer, you would know that besides their wide selection of restaurants with reasonable delivery fees, they also have pandamart for quick grocery shopping needs in 20 minutes or less. Other than that, Foodpanda also has Shops for a wider range: you can shop from plenty of stores here, including WalterMart, 7-Eleven, Watsons, Shell Select, Pan de Manila, and more. The diverse range of stores is great for customers who live closer to smaller groceries and convenience stores than big malls. Although pandamart is not as diverse in product selection as bigger grocery apps, they make up for it with Shops and the one-app convenience of getting everything you need in Foodpanda. Pandamart is also great for when you want to pay through your credit card or GCash, which you can connect to your Foodpanda app or cash on delivery. They also deliver pretty fast and have exclusive discount vouchers, especially for first-time users.

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Among the grocery apps in the Philippines, nothing compares to the brands affiliated with Robinsons, so we’re sure that they live up to their slogan as a “one-stop online shop for all your shopping needs.” If you’ve religiously kept your GoRewards card with you on every shopping trip, you can also use it through the app so you don’t have to worry about losing points despite not dropping by the store. They also have in-app exclusives for shoppers, and it’s something to get excited about. You have three options for grocery shopping: The Marketplace, Robinsons Supermarket, or Shopwise. If you miss going through their huge department stores in malls, they also have it in the GoRobinsons app. Buying gifts for children or adults are also easier: Toys R Us, True Value, No Brand, and Handyman are available for your shopping convenience. It’s like having the entire mall in your pocket 24/7.


Landers Superstore

Members will know about the perks that only Landers can provide, but we all know that Landers is a superstore that carries more than just groceries. Their app is so well organized that it might just beat walking around the massive aisles in the store. There are also discounts all over the place, even online: you can get their exclusive products for a cheaper amount. When it comes to sales, they don’t hold back, which is a blessing to their loyal customers. Paying for groceries and more is also convenient because they have a lot of options, as well as in their delivery services. If you’re buying in bulk or like mixing it up with both local and imported groceries, you might just get everything on your list. Don’t forget to add some of their Dough & Co. bread and pastries or their exclusive snacks for some ready-to-eat merienda treats at home. 



Session Groceries 

 Session Groceries describes itself as “Farm-to-Table” and that can only mean they have the freshest fruits, vegetables, and other products from farmers, an advantage over other grocery apps in the Philippines. If waking up early and going to a local wet market seems difficult in this situation, this might be your best bet for produce. You can choose from specific farms, or maybe explore their pretty straightforward app. You can pay for your products through bank deposit or cash on delivery.


Coop Grocer 

#AlwaysFrictionlessFresh is a hashtag that the Coop Grocer app and site carry, and they bring you a “1 stop, 1 step, 1 day” mission for their services. If you know Harlan + Holden and enjoy their coffee, you may also get their beverages here. They carry other exclusives like Bolzico beef, Dr. Bronner’s organic soaps, ready-made products, and artisanal baked goods. Their user interface is among the best because it’s easy on the eyes and a huge plus for your convenience. They also have a pharmacy that allows you to buy your over-the-counter medicine and have it delivered on the same day. We must say, this is one well-curated online grocery.

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WalterMart Delivery 

Who remembers trips to WalterMart Supermarket before quarantine? It’s a beloved local grocery store by the community, and now they offer same-day delivery services for their customers. They claim to be the pioneer grocery delivery service in the Philippines and they do well on their reputation through their site or their mobile app. Other than cash on delivery, they also have a swipe-on-delivery option. If a nearby WalterMart is on the way when you run other errands, you may opt to pick your groceries up instead of having them delivered at home. 

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Puregold Mobile

The trusty Puregold is familiar to Filipino consumers, and while their grocery stores are relatively easy to go to, they have loyal customers that often shop in person. Meaning: long lines. To beat the crowd, they created a mobile app for everyone’s convenience. It comes with SALLY, your shopping ally, a bot you can ask questions to or scan items with, should you need more assistance. They also deliver as soon as possible, and the more you use the app, the more it knows your preferences so it can suggest products you might enjoy. Like WalterMart, you may also opt for pick up in the store, especially because they have a lot of branches. 


PushKart PH

Originally a website, PushKart PH is now also a mobile app. They partnered with Fisher Supermarket and Department store, among others. Fisher is known for its discount deals, so long lines are expected. In PushKart, they have a rewards system: for every P500 purchase, you get one Kredit. You can also earn 50 Kredits if you give your family and friends a P50 discount when they use the app for the first time. The Kredits may be used for discounts once accumulated. Their delivery starts at P100, but you get them on the same day. Their payment methods include Gcash, Paymaya, Grabpay, credit card, and Coins.ph for a cashless experience. When you’re buying fresh products like fish, they also offer descaling and deboning. 

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All of these grocery apps in the Philippines are available to download for Android and iOS users.

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