6 Real-Life Brands That Also Exist in the Sims Universe


Video games can be both a source of stress or a stress reliever. The Sims is one of those games that doesn’t require much critical thinking skills, just vicarious living. If you’re stuck at home 24/7, chances are you’ve been building houses and living it up on this game, maybe even investing in expansion packs to spice things up. It can get addicting, to be honest. The Sims was developed in the 2000s by Maxis and is one of Electronic Arts (EA)’s top-grossing games of all time. 

Admittedly, back then, we used The Sims to experiment on our what-ifs, even morbid ones. Remember when taking the ladders off your pool would drown your Sim, or when burglars invaded your home? You can also pursue different career paths or go through all the stages of life repeatedly, as well as decorate your house and customize your Sim, depending on your liking. It also introduced hilarious lingo, like the infamous “Woohoo” for sex, and the garble of words they have as a language called Simlish. Overall, it’s a game that evokes a certain kind of nostalgia but can also be therapeutic when your real life isn’t going so well and you want to feel in control. Who doesn't love to play God? 


What they do have, though, are some of the brands we know and love. It makes the game feel a little more authentic, even when some are highly coveted high-fashion brands. However, if you can’t splurge on a Gucci jacket in real life, your Sim can. It’s a win-win. Here are some top brands that have partnered with the game over the years, some of which you can still have access to if you play The Sims 4 version.

The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff

In 2014, the Swedish fast-fashion brand opened its first store in the Philippines at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Years later, they’re pretty everywhere we go. However, the brand has been a part of the Sims universe since 2007 in The Sims 2. The stuff pack offered a lot of fashionable clothes and accessories for men and women, inspired by real-life H&M designs. You could also build your own H&M store complete with the facilities like cashiers, mannequins, room designs, and more. If you’re dreaming of fashion week, a catwalk is also in order, allowing your Sims to showcase their favorite outfits on the runway. 

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Photo by Electronic Arts Inc.

The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff

IKEA, another popular Swedish brand, is due to open its flagship store in the Philippines soon. If you’ve ever been fascinated with home makeovers or interior design, IKEA also has a stuff pack in The Sims 2 that features new furniture and decor from the brand. It’s the second stuff pack that featured products from a company in our world, and it included 76 items. The main focus of the IKEA stuff pack was on living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. If you want to get more out of the stuff pack, it’s included in The Sims 2 University Life Collection. Now your Sim won’t have to worry about assembling a nightstand like you would, in real life.

Photo by Electronic Arts Inc.

The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff

In The Sims 3 the Italian retail clothing company, Diesel, had its very own line of stuff in the Sims universe that isn’t entirely apparel-only. They also had furniture to complete your Sim house, because the brand boasts of the tagline, “For Successful Living,” that Sims also deserve. Aside from letting your Sim wear exclusive Diesel designs found in real-life fashion runways, they can also experience the quality of industrial-inspired furniture that improves your home like it’s an urban loft. Denim is also in, and the Diesel Stuff pack outfits can add a stylish edge to your Sim’s go-to outfit.

Photo by The Sims Wiki.

The Sims 4: Moschino Stuff

The Italian luxury fashion house Moschino made its way to the Sims with creative director Jeremy Scott, so Sims could dress in ready-to-wear pieces from their past collections. Aside from an iconic wardrobe to choose from, the Moschino x The Sims collaboration also extends to Sims careers: become a freelance fashion photographer with the works: curating collections, selecting models to shoot, and have the lifestyle that allows you to work on campaigns and magazine covers. Your own studio sessions are also possible, so the Moschino experience is not just for your Sim’s personal wardrobe, but for their career as well.

Photo by Electronic Arts Inc.

The Sims 4: MAC Cosmetics

Director of Makeup Artistry Romero Jennings designed the in-game glam for MAC in The Sims 4, making them the first-ever real makeup brand to be used by Sims. While lipstick made the cosmetic brand well-known, they’ve certainly produced more high-end makeup used all over the world today. Most of all, it’s included for free with the game itself, not as an expansion pack. The MAC products used to create makeup looks available in the Create-A-Sim mode are also on sale, making the experience more authentic. If ever there wss a need for Sims-inspired makeup, we’d know where to look.

Photo by MAC .

The Sims 4: Gucci Off the Grid

The luxury fashion brand has been known to be highly coveted and worn by famous celebrities, but now you can also get Gucci on The Sims 4. Gucci has been making the effort to be more sustainable and mindful of their environmental impact, so Gucci’s “Off the Grid” is the first collection from Gucci Circular Lines. The Sims 4 Community is lucky to be the customers of their first digital recreation, and admittedly, their luxury products look amazing on Sims. The brand partnered with content creators Harrie and Grimscookies to create an exclusive custom-built treehouse and apparel for Sims, but in real life, it also aims to adopt a circular fashion model that uses sustainable materials like recycled nylon.

Photo by Gucci.

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