This Camera is Made Specifically for Vloggers

Sony’s latest product offering for them is their smallest and most compact.
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Last year, Business Insider reported that video content platform YouTube saw 1.8 billion users log in every month. That’s second only to Facebook with its two billion monthly active users. It's also Google’s most popular website among its wide variety of services.

While the majority of those users are viewers who consume content on the website, the bread and butter of YouTube are its content creators. Among these creators are vloggers—people who create blogs about specific topics through videos—who make up a very popular and widely followed community. 

It’s hard to put an exact number as to how large the vlogging community is, but these content creators range from those who blog about their personal lives to those who focus on specific topics such as travel, beauty, and entertainment. And the community is large enough that companies are taking notice and developing their latest camera models based on their needs.


One of these companies is Sony, which launched its latest camera model, the RX0 II, at a regional event held in Singapore this week. The company’s commitment to vloggers is clear, since apart from members of the press, Sony also invited various vloggers and other video content creators from all across Southeast Asia to try out its latest product.

“The vlogger market worldwide is growing, especially in Asia,” said Satoshi Hatano, the general manager of the digital imaging group of Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. “Sony always prepares a variety of products to meet what our customer demands, and this is [the demand] we are seeing.”

Speaking to Esquire Philippines, Hatano revealed that because of the rising popularity of vlogging, the developers have made sure to include various vlogger-friendly features in Sony’s latest camera models. It’s part of the company’s overall strategy to always adapt to market demand, and it’s seeing that demand focusing on video content creation.

“We always think of the demands of our customers,” said Hatano. “That’s why Sony always scopes the market… [and] that’s why we offer a wide range [of products].”

“Today, vloggers is one of the strong markets [that we are focusing on],” he added. “And the Asia market has quite a big potential.”

Camera for vloggers

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Perhaps the biggest draw of the RX0 II for vloggers is its ultra-compact design. Being only 59 millimeters wide, 40.5 millimeters high, and weighing only 132 grams, it is Sony’s smallest and lightest camera model yet, catering to the video content creators who are always on the move.

But its small size doesn’t mean it skimps on features. It offers 4K video recording and a 15.3-megapixel image sensor, which assures users of high-quality photos and videos. And of course, the camera is very selfie-friendly, as it has an adjustable 180-degree flip screen that makes it easier to view displays.

It’s also very durable for something so compact. Sony highlighted that it is waterproof for up to 10 meters deep, crushproof by up to 200 kilograms of force, and shockproof by up to two meters.

“The development goal of the original RX0 was to build a camera that enabled new forms of creative expression through its form factor and technical capabilities,” said Dai Tanaka, director of the digital imaging division at Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “We have built upon this with the new RX0 II and added features and functionality that we believe makes this an ideal camera for any type of travel, and will perform equally well as a stills or video camera across a huge range of shooting and vlogging scenarios.”


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