More Filipinos Should Look Into These Six Early Symptoms of Diabetes


It seems as though we always have that one friend or relative who has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes. We must've even seen its most adverse effects, and how it can impact lives and relationships in the process.

According to a report by Philippine Heart Association Vice President Dr. Gilbert Vilela back in 2021, the pandemic might have indirectly affected diabetes control in the country. He also pointed out that there are roughly four million adults in the Philippines diagnosed with diabetes that exhibit comorbidities and complications with type 2 diabetes. Symptoms go unnoticed most times, too.

In 2020, the Philippine Statistics Authority also reported that deaths due to diabetes mellitus had about a 6.5-percent share in the Philippines, which saw an annual increase of 7.8 percent at the time. It ranked fourth behind ischaemic heart diseases, cancer, and cerebrovascular diseases in terms of leading causes of death in the country.


While type 1 diabetes shows up earlier in life, type 2 diabetes is what gets most people by the end of theirs. It is, after all, much more about the accumulation of lifestyle choices over time. The uncomfortable data brings us to these six early diabetes signs we should pay close attention to.

Frequent Urination At Night

Our kidneys' primary function is to filter and remove excess sugar out of the blood. When our blood sugar levels are high, chances are the kidneys are working double time. For someone diagnosed with diabetes, this leads to frequent urination, specifically during the night.

Blurry Vision

One of the more common diabetes symptoms that go unnoticed is blurry vision. Excess blood sugar can affect the blood vessels in our eyes. This can lead to vision in one or both eyes fading away from time to time. In extreme cases, permanent vision loss can be expected.

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Random Patches of Dark Skin

Notice any random soft, velvety patches of dark skin on your neck or groin? Well, we might want to get that checked with a doctor for diabetes if we are starting to get them a lot.

Wounds Take Too Much Time to Heal

Some diabetes signs are much more apparent. Damaged nerves and blood vessels come with diabetes mellitus, as it impairs blood circulation. If some wounds take weeks up to months to heal, then it's best to consult with a professional.

Itching, a Lot

Pesky itching is one of those diabetes symptoms that start out harmless. But excess sugar in the blood and urine is practically food for yeast. These lead to infections and severe itchiness in affected areas, such as the mouth or groin areas.

Constant Hunger and Thirst

Those frequent snack binges can mean something else. People with diabetes don't get enough energy from food. This is because of the lack of glucose moving in the bloodstream into the cells. Our digestive system usually breaks down food into glucose.


So the lack there of makes the person feel constant hunger or thirst. This is another of those diabetes signs that more Filipinos should monitor.

In the end, it's about maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. We nevertheless should look into our lifestyle choices. After all, someday that friend or relative might even be us.

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